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5k training nutrition?

I am planning on doing a 5k and eventually a 10k but I haven't done any in the past. I'm looking for a good training program but I know nutrition is just as important. Does anyone know of any plans that could help me?

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    There are a variety of important tips for runners nutrition

    1. Eat Right after your workouts: Your muscles have been torn and/or fatigued, which means your body needs food fast in order to rebuild and refuel. Go for a balance of protein and carbs with a modest amount of fat. For example, a glass of Skim Milk with a peanut butter and banana sandwich is my favorite post workout meal. Make it 100% whole grain bread and all natural peanut butter for extra nutrition and no empty calories. A good protein bar will work too, especially if you're at the gym or track or anyplace where your fridge isn't. Find a bar with a taste you like, that has lower sugar and not too much fat. I like the "Pure Protein" Bars myself. But look around at Target or buy the clearance items at GNC, as most of the Regular priced items at GNC are a rip off.

    2. Other nutrition tips: Eat a wide variety of whole plant foods everyday; as a matter of fact, make the majority of your food intake whole plant foods. "Whole plant foods" include Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains (Brown Rice, Bread, Cereal, etc), Beans, Nuts and seeds. These foods have a plethora of nutrients that will aid every aspect of your health, including your running fitness.

    3. Training: Mix up your training- Do long runs at a slower pace and short runs at a faster pace. Run hills (to build your lower body), Do speedwork- short very fast sprints followed by longer jogs (to increase your aerobic fitness). Strength train your lower body as well- squats, leg press and leg curls are all very effective exercises, but there are too many to mention here- consult a gym trainer. Hit the treadmill as well- many olympic athletes use the treadmill, as it is the only 100% straight run you will get, without any curves; you also get the benefit of a continuous incline and continous speed. It is a great way to do interval workouts - Fast then slow again.

    That is all I can think of off the top of my head- Good luck with your 5k.

    Source(s): http://www.runnersworld.com/ Great source for detailed training and nutrition info. I am a runner.
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    In my experience it usually isn't the mileage that leads to injuries but how quickly the mileage is increased. Do not increase mileage more than 10% a week. Likewise speed should not be increased too quickly, ease into it and much isn't needed to reach your goals. There are 3 core workouts which will help you reach your 5k goals. They will also help you improve your 1/2 marathon time. They should each be done once a week. 1) Long run: You should have a long run of an hour and a half. The goal isn't to run it fast but just to run it. 2) Tempo run: This a 20-40 minute run. Start with 20 minutes and increase it as you feel able. If you are currently in 22:33 shape, run it at 7:40 mile or 4:50 kilometer pace and decrease that pace 8-10 seconds a month. 3) Intervals: Take your current 5k pace. Run 5k worth of 400 meters or 800 meters or 1000 meters at that pace. Rest the amount of time you spend running. For example, if your current 5k pace in 22:33, your kilometer pace is 4:30. Run a kilometer in 4:25-4:30, recuperate for 5 minutes and repeat 4 more times. 4) I strongly suggest that the runs you do outside of the above training be easy runs of not longer than 45 minutes. VERY EASY! Good luck!

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