Rebel/Confederate Flag??

Does anyone find the Rebel/Confederate Flag offensive?? If you are African or Native american, do you find it to be more offensive? Why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Asking Blacks if they find the confederate flag offensive is like asking Jews if they find the swastika pleasing to the eye? It is pretty obvious that blacks as well as other minorities find the rebel flag offensive.

    Many years back I was assigned to photograph a Klan meeting. It was a surreal moment for me seeing the cross burning and the confederate flag waving in the breeze and listening to the chants of burn all "N*****S ". I sort of take offense to lynching and burning, and it is hard for me not to disassociate the rebel flag from the Klan or various other white power groups that I have photographed in the past all who seem to worship the rebel flag in as much as they respect the swastika or a burning cross.

  • Dee
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    1 decade ago

    I dont find it so much offensive as seditious. The rebel flag is a banner that was used to fight against this country the United States of America. It is the banner of a defeted army of the Confederate States. That makes it an enemy flag.

    On top of the the reason the Confederate States waged war was to keep slaves. I know states rights. But human rights and crimes against US citizens trump states rights.

    I find the Confederate flag un patriotic and un-American.

  • 1 decade ago

    I do not find it offensive. Admittedly, I'm not African- or Native American, but the Civil War split was not just over slavery. Slavery was just a part of the main issue - state's rights. The North believed that every state should be subject to the laws of the national government, while the South believed that the state should decide which national laws it would follow and which it wouldn't. Slavery wasn't really an issue except in the press, to get people fired up for war. President Lincoln even said that slavery wasn't the main issue - if the South would have rejoined the Union, he would have allowed them to keep their slaves.

    • Marie4 years agoReport

      Of course you don't. You JUST said "I'm not African- or Native American" so therefore of course you wouldn't find it offensive. Slavery was an issue. You can't say the civil war had nothing to do with slavery.

  • Pace
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    1 decade ago

    It is just a flag. Yes, part of the flags legacy is tainted with bad, but it also represents the good of the south. If we banned a flag because of a country's bad history, every flag would be banned!

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  • 4 years ago

    people fought and died for the confederate flag as they did the American flag its part of our history

  • 1 decade ago

    nope, a friend and I raised the confederate flag at band camp onthe american flag pole outside of was merely a joke and no one took offense to it. His best friend is black and he found it funny's just a flag.

    • Marie4 years agoReport

      Having a best friend that is black, does not make you not racist. It doesn't do anything, it doesn't prove any points at all.

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