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Is it true McCain finished 894 of 899 in his Naval Academy class?

I just read this....really?? This either means McCain was a huge slacker or not very bright....which is it??

Update: going to war helped McCain realize he didn't want a wife who had been disfigured in a car accident---what he really wanted was a hot wife with money who could help his political career? and this makes him wise?

Update 2:

Didn't Ulysses S. Grant have one of the most corrupt administrations in American history?

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    Just think if he father and Grandfather were not admirals but joe sixpack. I think McCain would be friends with a mop now.

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    I have no idea whether this was true or not. However, academic excellence is not the only criteria for success in life.

    Sound judgment and experience go a long way to educating someone.

    Remember that his tenure at the naval academy was half a century ago. That was about the time I was in school as well. I'd hate to think that my class standing was the only measure of my worth as a person of my advanced years.

    John McCain is only 3 years my senior. He and I have lived through a lot of events and changes. He probably remembers, as I do, the reality of the second World War -- not the Hollywood version.

    He remembers Korea first hand. And he most certainly remembers Vietnam!

    He wasn't born with the silver spoon he now uses. While he probably never lived at poverty level (I have), he does know what it means to have to budget.

    And he's plain spoken. You won't get satiny rhetoric with John McCain, but you will get the facts as he sees them.

    He is no stranger to hard work and responsibility. And at 72, I consider him just beyond middle-aged, not old. I would expect his public service life to extend for another 15 years - considering the gene pool from which he comes.

    Oh, and to your original question -- the criteria for just getting into the academy are something else again. I'd have been lucky to graduate 899, and my college degree came just .019 points below honors.

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    Have considered that in the time of diverse guides. even however 894 of 899 isn't honestly the backside, there have been 5 cadets that did worse. Given the academic standards that the service academies have, it is not like he graduated with a D average or something like that.

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    Ulysses S. Grant finished near the bottom of his graduating class at West Point. Generals Pickett and Custer were both dead last in their respective graduating classes at West Point. One of my kids is brilliant, and his game throughout school was to figure out how to do the absolute minimum necessary to get an A in every class. Silly, but that is what guys like to do.

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    It is true. His naval career has skipped along the bottom the whole time, he was lucky to have a father, and grandfather who had ushered him into the Academy. Any Republican will say that it is a lie, though. They have a propensity towards ignoring the truth.

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    Hey we can't all be in the top ten percent, at least five people were lower.

    Since his family is all Navy for three generations, I'm guessing he went in due to family pressure and not real enthusiasm.

    He did prove himself as a POW, as did many others at that time.

    But I would hesitate to offer a ringing endorsement of his military capability.

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    Both ... even not being very bright can be made up by working a slacker as well ...

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    No! That is a lie made up by the Dems because Obama only made it because of afirmative action

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    That was when he was young and before he was a POW, after that he came back changed which resulted in his first divorce and marriage to Cindy, now he has become one of the most knowledgeable men in the U.S. Senate on Foreign Policy.

    In short, your point is?

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