what is the meaning of the word "ikariam" probably of greek or roman origin?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm Greek and in Greece there's an island called 'Ikaria'


    If the word you mention refers to it, then the problem is that there is also an -m which is definitely not a Greek suffix. Unless of course you speak a Greek dialect. In some dialects there is a vowel deletion process. Schematically, instead of saying e.g. 'Ikaria mu' = my Ikaria as you would in Standard Greek, you could say 'Ikaria m' (I don't think the Ikaria dialect has such a deletion process though).

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  • 1 decade ago

    there was no "k" letter in classical latin, so I am inclined to doubt that the origin is roman. more likely greek...let's check OED...mine has no entry, so it's not a common word in English. Looks like the name of some kind of online game according to "google" hits. Anybody's guess who came up with the name. I'd guess based upon Greek, but "iam" ending is not common Greek...possibly borrowed from Asia minor or Middle east (Turkish, Armenian, Arabic...?).


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