Planting flowers in front yard...?

I have a small tree in my front yard that was planted by the builder. We've made a flower bed around this and planted day lilies, calla lilies, and snapdragons. All of the flowers we've planted have died within a few weeks. We're not sure if its the tree or something in the ground killing them. How can we find out? We live in S.C. and planted appropriately for our climate zone, so we don't think that is the problem. Any suggestions??

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    some flowers are seasonal so perhaps it had lapsed the season already. did you check the bulbs if it's not rotten? if it's not rotten, then leave it as it is and do not pour water always. by next year it will grow up again and bear flowers. the tree is not the cause if it had died. there are lot of reasons why plants/flowers died. could be lack of water, lack of fertilizer/nutrients, too much water, too much heat, etc. etc. if i were you, when you plant something, try to observe or have a memo on what you plant and put a date on that memo. in that way, you will know when that plant (flower) is best to replant again), what kind of place/soil is best for it, when it will bear flowers and so on. i'm making a lot memos of all the flowers and plants and even took pictures on it so i will know which season is best for them and what is the kind of caring them.

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    Do you know what kind of tree it is? Some trees (like black walnut) poison the soil around their roots to keep out competing plants.

    Are you watering everything? The tree roots will try to use as much water as possible. Could be the roots are rising to the top of the soil from lack of water.

    Another suggestion is to test your soil and see what its pH is. Could be the soil needs amending before you plant.

    Good luck!

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