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How do I find marriage records in Dunklin county, Missouri?

They have some of them posted online at Rootsweb. But I did not find my ancestors marriage record. Do I hire someone in that area to look it up for me? Also, I recently received 2 documents that told me one of my ancestor's maiden name was Sarah Ann Jordan. When I looked up this name in MO, I found several. I've been able to discount several of them. But one was living in the same county---Dunklin---as her husband was living in. He was from Clarkston. The Sarah that I found was from a twp called Indepencence. Is it safe to conclude that I have found her? IF it was her, I've been able to locate all of the census records going back to 1850. And IF it was her, the parents would've been named Logan Jordan and Delinda Jordan-Moore. How do I go about verifying this data?


Her husband's name was William Thomas Craig. I did locate them together on the 1880 census; they were living in Breckenridge, Stephens, TX. Sarah was from Missouri. But I didn't know what part of the state.....

Not too long after that census was done, they moved to Mill Creek, Oklahoma. Which is where she died. Shortly thereafter, Wm took the kids and moved to Howard county, Arkansas. I was able to locate his military records and pension records. It was those records that gave me the county in Missouri. Wm listed "Clarkston, Mo" as his home. That was Dunklin county, MO. And that is where I am finding some information on the Jordan families.... not in Clarkston, but in a nearby township---Independence.

After all of my digging online, I'm inclined to believe my Sarah A. Jordan was d/o Logan & Delinda Jordan. Delinda married into the Moore family. THis family did have a Sarah A. and were there consistently from 1850 thru 1880. I'm just not sure of how to prove it.

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    The Sarah in Dunklin does look like a good candidate for your Sarah. Look for other documents that would list her parents names. Order her death certificate from Mill Creek, OK. This might have her parents names and where she was born.

    State of Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Vital Records Service

    Oklahoma State Dept of Health

    1000 Northeast Tenth, Room 117

    Oklahoma City, OK 73117

    Telephone: (405) 271-4040

    or probably a better choice:

    Johnston County

    Johnston County Clerk

    County Courthouse

    414 W. Main, Suite 201

    Tishomingo, OK 73460

    Telephone: (405) 371-3058


    In 1880 she states her father was born in NC and mother in TN. Look on previous census records and see if these people were born here, if not, don't count them out totally, but look at others too.


    Sarah A. Craig

    Home in 1880: Breckenridge, Stephens, Texas

    Age: 24

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1856

    Birthplace: Missouri

    Relation to Head of Household: Wife

    Spouse's Name: Wm. T.

    Father's birthplace: North Carolina

    Mother's birthplace: Tennessee

    Neighbors: View others on page

    Occupation: Keeping House

    Marital Status: Married

    Race: White

    Gender: Female

    Wm. T. Craig 46 KY VA VA

    Sarah A. Craig 24 MO NC TN

    Waconda Craig 4 MO KY MO

    Elmsy M. Craig 2 TX KY MO


    Sarah Jordan

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1852

    Age in 1870: 18

    Birthplace: Missouri

    Home in 1870: Independence, Dunklin, Missouri

    Race: White

    Gender: Female

    Value of real estate: View Image

    Post Office: Kennett

    Household Members: Name Age

    Delinda Moore 52

    Sarah Jordan 18

    Elias Jordan 15

    Elisabeth Jordan 4


    William Craig

    Age in 1860: 26

    Birth Year: abt 1834

    Birthplace: Kentucky

    Home in 1860: Union, Dunklin, Missouri

    Gender: Male

    Post Office: West Prairie

    Value of real estate: View Image

    Household Members: Name Age

    William Craig 26

    Mary J Craig 20

    Deluda Jordan

    Age in 1860: 36

    Birth Year: abt 1824

    Birthplace: South Carolina

    Home in 1860: Independence, Dunklin, Missouri

    Gender: Female

    Post Office: Kennett

    Deluda Jordan 36 SC

    Thomas Jordan 17 MO

    George Jordan 12

    Sarah Jordan 10

    Elyas Jordan 6

    (Charles Jordan and wife Mary are there also with him being born in IL and Mary in TN.)


    Logan Jordan

    Age: 30

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1820

    Birth Place: Illinois

    Gender: Male

    Home in 1850(City,County,State): Independence, Dunklin, Missouri

    Household Members: Name Age

    Dalinda Jordan 31 NC

    George Jordan 4

    Logan Jordan 30 IL

    Louisa Jordan 2

    Thomas Jordan 6 MO

    So Sarah said her dad was born in NC and mother in TN and Logan was born in IL and Dalinda in NC. It's possible that she got the locations wrong later or William Thomas Craig told the census taker the information.

    You might want to track her siblings and see what they said on the 1880 census. Also see if any of her relatives or neighbors moved to Texas with them.

    See if there's a will for Logan or Delinda in Dunklin Co, MO, especially if they owned land. It might list their daughter Sarah's married name or if she is out of the state, etc.

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    Source(s): Marriage Record Search Database :
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    There are a lot of online sources for researching birth, death and marriage records. Since you know the specific County, I would suggest that you start with the Dunklin County, Missouri website through the Free Public Records Directory website. The website provides links to the State Department of Vital Records, and a Genealogy Records Search for Dunklin County. You can also contact the Dunklin County Recorder using the contact information on the website, if you don't find what you need on the other two websites.

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    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

    Name: Logan Jordan

    Gender: male

    Birth Place: IL

    Birth Year: 1820

    Spouse Name: Dalinda ???


    Birth Place: NC

    Spouse Birth Year: 1819

    Marriage State: of MO

    (Here is Logan & Dalinda/Delinda's listing, but it doesn't specify any date. Averaging 20 years per generation, I would say their marriage year would have been 1839-40. Can't find Sarah or her husband listed at all.)

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    If you know her husband's name, you should be able to find him on the census records living with her. Look at her age, place of birth, and her parents' places of birth on the census records and compare them to the Sarah you found. Also sometimes parents are living with or near their children.

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    You can try RAOGK to see if there is a volunteer for that area.

    Who did she marry?

    Is it possible she didn't marry in MO?

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