How do I avoid getting looted in Ikariam?

I'm playing Ikariam and an opponent has lauched an attack against me - i have alot of gold (saving to open a colony) that i want to protect - what is the best way to do that?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hey fellow ikariam player, yea when i was first starting somebody looted me. it is not that big of a deal when u r starting. i got looted a couple times and now i have 3 colonies that are 20+ and my main is 22. the main thing to do is to level ur town wall to the same lvl as ur town hall and then get some Phalanx's in the baracks, if u can afford it. otherwise just ignore it cuz if u dont have much then there is not much to pillage and it is just a waste of time for the other player, pillaging low lvls is pointless. btw i am on Beta stiles11, message if u r in beta

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