What happened to Supervee?

A couple years ago they had a Website that said they were working on an updated version of the Supervee Engine. Now I can't find them.

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    I would assume that since you are asking about the SuperVee on the Motorcycle forum, you must be asking about an engine that used to be available from Nostalgia Cycles out of California at one time. This is the engine that has been around since the early 80's, was basically the front 2 cylinders off a 350ci small block Chevy, put into a custom engine block.Generation 1 of that engine, had the front timing cover, timing chain, modified distributor, even an external harmonic balancer. Generation 2, they changed the valve covers, removed the outside balancer and modified the distributor,Generation 3, they tried a pick up for the ignition similar to what Harley used. I actually thought about buying one of them back in 1984-85. Thought it seemed like a good idea, but then, I spoke to as many people as I could find who had bought one or who, like me, were thinking about it.

    Needless to say, the guys that had one, said it was the biggest piece of junk they had ever had, couldn't keep them running, leaked oil, couldn't find parts, the company (Nostalgia Cycle) gave absolutely no support, etc. Not a group of happy campers if you know what I'm saying. The guys who were thinking about buying them were also not happy with the company. Heard alot of them saying the owner (Big Steve) would spend a few minutes on the phone with them and try to blow alot of smoke up you know where to get you to buy this engine.

    Long story short, do a google search for SuperVee engine, you will not find alot, but what you will find is alot of dissatisfied people. There is 1 guy, an engineer, who has spent the last 20 years on a SuperVee, he has spent close to $30,000 and has finally gotten his to run pretty well. But he has had to redesign almost everything about it.

    My suggestion, stay away from it. definate Money Pit. and takes an extreme amount of mechanical knowledge just to get it running.

    BTW- Nostalgia Cycles business practices got so bad, they were shut down and out of business in the late 90's or early 00's. According to Google, Nostalgia is back in Huntington Beach CA. But they have such a bad reputation they don't even have a website anymore. Please, Please for your sake stay away from them.

    Source(s): Check it out at: This is what one should look like, it is a Phase 1 engine- http://www.ridleysrides.com/supervee.html This is the phone number for Nostalgia cycles- http://ylwbook.iaf.net/yp_results.php?ReportType=4...
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    What happened to Supervee?

    A couple years ago they had a Website that said they were working on an updated version of the Supervee Engine. Now I can't find them.

    Source(s): happened supervee: https://biturl.im/Uz6rR
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    Super Vee Motorcycle

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    happened supervee

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