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Is it unprofessional for a therapist to act this way?

I recently switched therapists and my former one almost acted jealous. It's kind of weird. Hefore, when she was having time off cause she was having babies, I went and saw another one. When she came back I told her I saw someone while she was away and her response was "Did you like her better? Or did you like her?" or something like that, and the tone in her voice sounded very jealous. I just said ", you're cool", lol.

Anyway, I felt like I wasn't really progressing, so a few months later I did switch to the other therapist I had been seeing. Well, one day my recent therapist went out to get something from the office and my former therapist said something like "I think she's pulling one over on you. I think all she wants is attention", or something like that to my now therapist. I'm currently being treated for ocd, bipolar, schizotypal and stuff so my first thought was "wtf?" Is that unprofessional? When I told her I was switching, she seemed mad but like she was trying to hide it at the same time. And she won't say hi if she see's me in the waiting area, which, why should she I'm not her patient anymore. But still, it's weird. None of my other doctors were like this. I remember onetime we were talking and she just gets up and brings out this bag full of bracelets and let's me have one because I do love my bracelets, lol. But is that weird? Or is it just a normal thing?


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    When a person has psychological disorders, one of the practical realizations is that YOU DO interpret events and emotions differently from others around you. That's why it's called a "disorder".

    Your old therapist is a person, first and last. She has emotions just like you do. If she is a new Mom, then she is dealing with likely, more emotions than most people. Possibly her feelings ARE hurt.

    But, that's not your problem, it's her's to deal with.

    Counseling is a tough business. Every Therapist is mixing relationship building with a business relationship, as they are each a part of what goes on. And yet, you as a customer have every right to choose who you will see and when, because you are the one paying for the service.

    A "complicated diagnosis" such as yours is rather rare.

    As for the comment made "I think she's pulling one over on you. I think all she wants is attention" - this sort of "observation" is simply that, an "Observation, and an Opinion". Now you may not view that as a complimentary opinion, but it is her opinion, professionally. This is the sort of thing that therapists try to discern in their clients.

    It is obvious that you have "written her off" as jealous and unprofessional. Keep walking, dear. It appears it was time for you to "move on". She felt you were an attention seeker, but what you needed was help. You are actually benefited by knowing her honest view, gaining the understanding that you needed to go elsewhere.

    When you can step aside from your emotions, I would hope you can view it as this is the way one therapist will communicate with another. It has nothing to do with professionalism or emotion.

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    Yes it sounds unprofessional, you should talk to your current therapist about how you feel. She probably just really wanted to make progress with you and is disappointed. The bracelets sound like she was trying to develop some kind of relationship with you at least.

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    Yes, it is very unprofessional! You might check into filing a grievance if it made you feel that uncomfortable. Being a professional is no excuse for the manner in which you were treated...she will only continue to do this to others!

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    sounds like so office competion, seems like she feels like she wasn't good enough to help you and feels insecure but it is unprofessional..but you know how the saying goes a lot of therapist where in therapy a one time in their life.

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    As long as you are getting the help you need who cares what she thinks. You must be a great actor is you can fake all that. Don't worry about it just get better.

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    sounds a bit immature for her to act like that

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    that is not only unprofessional but straight up mean! i hope your new therapist is better!;_ylt=AsTLa...

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    i would just let her know that she is making you feel unconfortable... while it is unethical... she is experiencing normal human feelings... let her know it makes you feel unconfortable.. let your current shrink know it makes you feel unconfortable

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