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Robert Palmer vs.Robert Plant?

I'm curious about peoples' opinion on Robert Palmer vs. Robert Plant. I know that they have been confused with one another in the past because of the fact that they are both Roberts and both their last names start with a P. However, in my opinion, they are two totally different people. I personally think Robert Palmer was greatly underrated and never got the attention he deserved. Robert Palmer was so much more than about those videos with the girls in it. If people would have looked beyond those videos with the girls, they would've seen that he had some excellent songs after the Riptide era. Robert Plant on the other hand, to me, was greatly overrated. And since he has gotten older, it's gotten worse. He seems to be in denial that his voice is sounding more and more like a quivering old lady and continues to sing. He should've retired ten years ago. Big deal, he sold himself on being a sex symbol in the 70's by wearing pants that showed inappropriate areas(you all know what I mean). Anyways, I'm taking a poll on who you all think was better since I'm curious.

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    Well, Led Zeppelin are one of my favourite bands, BUT, I *love* Robert Palmer.

    As you say, there was far, far more to him than just his infamous 1980's hits.

    He started out in 1972 / 1973, fronting the band Vinegar Joe alongside Elkie Brooks. Going solo, throughout his career he proved that there was more to him than just Rock ~ he incorporated Blues, Reggae, and Soul into his songs, the vast majority of which he wrote himself.

    Whilst his peers were all getting high, he prefered a cigarette, a glass of whisky, and the crossword. He was a true gentleman, and a professional, right to the end.

    Here are two of the Vinegar Joe songs he wrote :


    Never Met A Dog

    And one of my favourite of his solo songs :

    Johnny and Mary

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    Robert Palmer Bands

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    Robert Palmer Bang A Gong

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    Look at the numbers: Classic Led Zeppelin to this day sells and gives surviving bandmates and Jon Bonham's estate members hefty sales residuals some 30 years since their albums hit record stores.

    Robert Plant hyped himself as a Rock sex god. Yes, groupies fell hard for him...and Plant iconized the Rock god "sex, drugs, rock and roll" lifestyle.

    And even now, kids waking up realizing alternative rock is junk---are looking to Led Zeppelin and other rock legends of the 70s for musical solace, on their own "Stairway To Heaven" quest.

    The late Robert Palmer is no slouch, either.

    Palmer has an impressive discography of albums and catchy songs that are also iconized in rock history. "Sneaking Sally (through the alley)", "Simply Irresistible" and his one-hit wild ride with a thrown together group called Power Station--who cranked out an impressive T-Rex redux of "Bang A Gong" surely is nothing to sneeze at.

    Also worth noting: Palmer remained quite active in music; Plant drifted aimlessly lost after Zeppelin drummer Jon Bonham's tragic death in 1980.

    And even now, Led Zeppelin makes a struggle of returning to music as a "restored" band.

    But with all that said: Palmer, who was into personal health and fitness.....died; Plant--who ingested every toxic illegal drug known in rock musician circles--is amazingly still alive.

    One can draw their own conculsions from that.

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    Robert Plant, was the Quintessential ROCK GOD while, Robert Palmer, was a POP singer with, a couple of very similar hits. "Sad Eyes" ,was his most original song. Palmer, lasted about 5 years. Plant, is still rocking, 40 years later. don't base Your opinions on a couple of songs. look at the body, of the artist's work.

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    Agree with you on Palmer: highly under-rated. Disagree with you on Plant: brilliant musical talent in his prime who blazed trails few had ever traveled. But more importantly, I wonder why you are comparing the two -- no comparison at all other than name commonalities.

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    No, that song particularly does my head in, whilst i became right into a pupil, next doors have been given completely stoned sooner or later and left that enjoying on repeat for 26 hours!! I by no skill choose to hearken to it returned!

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    Robert Plant.

    I am not too fond of his solo work (I assume that's what you mean when you said he should have retired a long time ago) but he was still the frontman over one of my favorite bands.

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    nice job in trying to come up with a decent question, I guess

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