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Is it unprofessional for a therapist to act jealous if you switch doctors?

I recently switched therapists and my former one almost acted jealous. It's kind of weird. Hefore, when she was having time off cause she was having babies, I went and saw another one. When she came back I told her I saw someone while she was away and her response was "Did you like her better? Or did you like her?" or something like that, and the tone in her voice sounded very jealous. I just said ", you're cool", lol.

Anyway, I felt like I wasn't really progressing, so a few months later I did switch to the other therapist I had been seeing. Well, one day my recent therapist went out to get something from the office and my former therapist said something like "I think she's pulling one over on you. I think all she wants is attention", or something like that to my now therapist. I'm currently being treated for ocd, bipolar, schizotypal and stuff so my first thought was "wtf?" Is that unprofessional? When I told her I was switching, she seemed mad but like she was trying to hide it at the same time. And she won't say hi if she see's me in the waiting area, which, why should she I'm not her patient anymore. But still, it's weird. None of my other doctors were like this. I remember onetime we were talking and she just gets up and brings out this bag full of bracelets and let's me have one because I do love my bracelets, lol. But is that weird? Or is it just a normal thing?


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    Giving you a bracelet and telling your new therapist things in the way she did is unethical. Not saying hi is expected since she is not suppose to acknowledge that you've ever been her client to protect your confidentiality. I'd be happy I was don with her anyway. She sounds immature and most likely is inexperienced. No wonder you were not progressing.

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    definite it sounds unprofessional, you need to talk on your contemporary therapist with regard to the way you sense. She in all probability in basic terms incredibly wanted to make progression with you and is disappointed. The bracelets sound like she grow to be attempting to advance some style of courting with you a minimum of.

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    In my opinion...all therapists are twisted. I was in therapy for 14 years with different ones and they all had issues. I finally gave up and stay away from them. Your therapist does sound jealous and getting up in the middle of a session to get a bag of bracelets ?......maybe she's got attention deficit !

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    Can you send me a picture of yourself?? Are you alarmingly pretty or something???

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    she sounds a bit loonie also

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    it is normal to be jealous but she is there to help you not herself!

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