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How can say Obama's inexperience doesn't matter but then go and criticize Palin for being inexperienced?

How can say Obama's inexperience doesn't matter but then go and criticize Palin for being inexperienced? She has more Executive experience and was a damn good governor.

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    You're right, it doesn't make sense. But it also doesn't make sense that Palin attacks the media for judging her (her daughter, her past, etc.) while Palin ALSO strongly supports the media attacking Obama for his past. This was an extremely hypocritical move for Palin.

    What really surprised me was that, when questioned about his opinions of Palin and her pregnant daughter, Obama was actually fair about it!!! He said, "I think people's families are off limits and people's children are especially off limits". He went on to say that Palin's pregnant daughter shouldn't have anything to do with Palin's abilities in this election. He also frowned upon the media making a big deal of it by saying, ""If I ever thought that there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in bringing families into this, they'd be fired." HE ACTUALLY DEFENDED HIS OPPONENT! How many politicians are that honest?

    GO OBAMA!!!

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    I take it your question is a parody of another question--How can McCain say that Obama's inexperience matters and then go and name Palin as his running mate when she is also inexperienced?

    McCain is a flip flopper, you know. When asked why he said something before that was opposite to what he says now. He put on a solemn face and said,"Ambition."

    But the old ambitious McCain has reformed.

    So much so that now he can make rules for Obama that he himself is free to break.

    The old McCain was ambitious when he said that Obama was inexperienced. Today he is born again and has seen the light.

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    definite he lacked adventure yet he did have some Federal time, Palin grow to be Governor of Alaska yet you need to are conscious of it incredibly is smaller then a midsection length city, she had no funds adventure(not that Obama did) Alaska has a funds surplus and the biggest call she made grow to be while ought to she get Alaskans their examine. She grow to be picked by potential of the GOP for a similar reason Steele grow to be picked, their race or intercourse not that they'd do the job. unhappy factor is that there are a lot of experienced GOPer's that would meet that standards. It gave the impact of a grasping at straws. the only factor i ought to assert is please somebody incredibly worth a crap run! can't say i'm liberal nor am i able to calim to be a tea occasion man or woman.

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    It is not that inexperience does not matter, it is just that it is not everything. Obama is a graduate of harvard law school, was a former community organizer, has taught constitutional law, has served in the illinois state senate, and the U.S. senate. He meets the threshold. That is actually a lot more experience than sarah palin. She was a former beauty queen, served as the mayor of a small town, and served as governor of Alaska for less than two years. Even if it is conceded that obama had the least experience in the campaign before she entered, she is the most inexperienced now.

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    How can the Republicans criticize Obama for not having enough experience when they rallied behind Bush?

    "What? Six and a half years as the governor of Texas and you want to be President? Well.....OK."

  • Obama's is on top of the ticket and has Joe Biden as VP with 30plus years experience Mc Cain has 30 years experience and His VP has 2 years as Alaska's Governor whats the difference

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    And until January she still is a damn good gov.

    To answer your question, the Dem's can't figure out how being commander of the national guard, being Mayor, Being Gov. 2 yrs. can add up to more than 145 days as a jr. sen.

    Commonly known as Flip Flop

    McCain-Palin 2008

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    This could go both ways.....

    How can conservatives criticize Obama's experience in the Senate when Palin barely has any experience being governor?

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    How can someone say that Obama is too inexperienced but then say that Palin would make a fine President? It's all a bunch of partisan squabbling. Personally I don't care how experienced someone is, I care if they can do their job.

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    Because Biden will be running the country under the guise of the Obama administration. That's the only way Obama can have no problem with an inexperienced President, but staunchly oppose an inexperienced vice president.

    Bush did that. It worked out really well for us. Bush also graduated from Harvard. That worked really well for us, too.

    But let's recap Obama's executive experience. He was the president of the Harvard Law Review. That organization has just under 100 members. That's a lot of people for whose lives to not be responsible whatsoever.

    Now let's look at what each had to do to reach his/her current position:

    Palin had to beat the incumbent from her own party in the primaries. Few politicians have ever had the tenacity to take on their own incumbent.

    Obama had to defeat Alan Keyes (a man for whom most republicans won't vote). In the liberal state of Illinois. When Alan Keyes only had 3 months to campaign. That must have been a tough campaign; I'm surprised Obama has any energy left.

    Lastly, let's examine the office for which each is currently running:

    Palin: Vice president, a person that might have to step up as President , should the President leave office.

    Obama: President, a person that has to step up as President on Inauguration Day, REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER FACTOR. Obama will not have the luxury of "in case the experienced buy happens to leave office."

    Actually, two key Obama supporters did say that Obama is inexperienced. You may have heard of them, as they both spoke during prime time at the DNC. Their names are Hillary Rodham Clinton and Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

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