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who, when, and where where chicken tenders invented?

um yea the tenders not the nuggets

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    Chicken Tenders were invented in the 70's when most women returned to the work force. Because women now have two jobs they needed quick things to prepare for dinner.

    So at Perdue's Chickens where women had been working for years, The woman got together and asked Mr. Frank Perdue Sr. for an idea he might have for them to be able to get something prepared fast. So, he thought it over and after consulting with a Doctor about it the Doc said it was becoming very important for people to watch their fat intake even Perdue himself.

    He took the idea to a advisory board of meat cutters and chefs and they sort of did the same thing that the industry did to make veal tenders, which are much more expensive and cruel to the little calfs.

    They decided to try it by first boneing out the Chicken breast and then almost like a butterfly cut they recut the meat again and again until it looked right.

    Then they gave it to their employees to try and Walla the perfect quick and healthy thing for dinner.

    No Bones About It

    Source(s): Mr. Frank Perdue Jr. and food network
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    Chicken Tenders refer to the small chicken tenderloin found within the chicken breast.

    As consumers become more health aware, manufacturers have started to use this peice of white meat and bread it then par fry. It is much better for you than the nuggets as nuggets are left over peices of chicken from the butchers.

    They take the chicken reminants, both dark and white meat and add salt and water and form the nugget peices into shapes.

    There are several companies that were all manufacturing the tenders at the same time.

    In Canada one of the first few producers were Janes Chicken, Maple Leaf and Olymel.

    So tenders have always been a part of the white meat of chicken, they just semi recently been breaded and fried.

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    At KFC

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