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Nick jonas and diabetes?

Look this site says 23,6 million people has diabetes.

Out of them 23.6 million people you know one person has it. Nick jonas. But why do you guys feel so sorry for him. Saying he is so strong for not giving up and stuff like that. But y'all don't say anything about the other millions of people that have it? Yall just care about the famous one with diabetes not the others

Yeah it might seem like I am being mean about this. But I do know people personally that has it. My mom. I have to give her a shot everyday because of it. I have other family members that have it.


Yeah like I feel bad for nick and whoever has it. They told me I will probably get it.

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    You are NOT being mean. You are making a wonderful point. And I'm so terribly sorry about your mother.

    Of course I feel bad for Nick Jonas, but I also feel bad about the OTHER 23.6 million people who have it.

    This is why Jonas fans are so ignorant and intolerant of other's feelings. I personally block 'em all >).

    I MIGHT come back and rant more but before I go:

    JONAS FANS: Get a life. Get boyfriends.

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    I guess people feel bad for Nick because he is famous! They don't know what it is like to have diabetes and be a normal person, they only know what they see on tv. I understand how it makes you feel! I'am 27 and have diabetes!

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    Yes. People act like it's a big deal. But it's not. BUT, Nick Jonas has to deal with it while touring on a bus across the country. He's most likely going to have problems every once in a while and it will be difficult for him because he's on the bus. One time he had this pump thing (I don't know what it was, his dad said it in an interview and I forgot what the thing was) and it wasn't working. Then they tried another and another. And not one of the three were working. And he was on a bus. So it's harder for him to deal with it then other people.

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    i love nick jonas and i do feel sorry him,butt i feel sorry for other people with diabetes

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    Honestly, I do feel sorry for him. The video was really sad and I was crying, also the song is really good and Nick's voice makes me cry because he sounds like he is crying. :'(

  • My best friend Heather has diabetes...Its HORRIBLE and I hope they find a cure quickly!

  • Wow.

    I feel bad for all people who get diagnosed with stuff like that.

    But the thing is, that some people dont know other people who have it.

    But seriously not every one is the same way.

    But IDK, im not other people, so sorry, but thats the only explanation i can give ya .

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    i agree with you...but i think nick jonas = gay i don't care if he has it or not they're all equal to me

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