what would you wish for if you had 1000 paper cranes?

what would you wish for?

also, when your done making your 1000 cranesm what do you need to do next? to like, make your wish come true??

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    before you start making the cranes, you should research their history. the story of 1,000 paper cranes is in fact very sad. it originated because a young girl was dying from cancer. she started making paper cranes but died before she made 1,000. i think she made around 600 of them. it all harks back to the bomb the USA dropped on japan, the girls cancer was caused from radiation. the crane, in japan, is a symbol of long-life, but 1,000 cranes to me is a symbol of the bomb the USA dropped on japan. i have in fact made several thousand cranes and had an exhibit of them. the girl started making cranes hoping she would live. she did not. before you make a wish on paper cranes, remember than. japanese culture and mythos is different from USA. it tends to have a bite.

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    I'd wish the paper cranes were made out of $100 bills.

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    1,000 paper cranes? like sadako? i love that story! <3

    wish for anything you want, i've never heard of a limitation of what you could wish for :)

    i've also never heard of something else you had to do after you made the cranes to make your wish come true, so i'm pretty sure all you have to do is fold the cranes.

    Source(s): has folded 1,000+ paper cranes and strung them at a peace park in japan
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    I would wish for immortality.

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