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suggestions for great romance novel?


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    What kind of romance. Can you give me a bit more information on whether you want some hard romance or normal or sweet...

    Though right now I would say Dragonfly by Julia Golding. It's not hard core but a young girl and boy who are betrothed and absolutely detest each other are kidnapped. I like it, but give me a bit more info and I'll see if I can think up some others that work.

    Another book that I would recommend (it isn't romance though) is Fablehaven. A brother and sister go to spend a couple weeks with their grandparents and realize they are on a preserve with mythical creatures. In my opinion it has been underpublisized it is right up there with Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings and etc.

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    Blue Bloods

    What if...All the Boys want you (a choose your destiny novel).

    The Mediator: Shadowland 1

    1-800-WHERE-R-YOU: When lightening strikes 1

    Daughters of the Moon: Goddess of the Night 1


    Avalon High

    Vampire Kisses

    Vampire Diaries

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    Twilight duhh!

    The Host is better and romantic

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    Try the scribbler of dreams, its good, or romeo and juliet. both great. and both similar. or of course Twilight!!

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