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Would you vote for me and whats your political party?

I am for states deciding whether they want to allow civil unions or not,and I am for equal rights and recognition under the law for same sex couples.

I am against abortion,but I don't think it should be repealed(because that would only increase the amount of illegal and dangerous abortions).I would rather like to target the root of the problem,such as reducing teen pregnancy with sexual education and making programs which would help reduce abortions by helping the single mothers and a law that would force the father to work.

I do not support military intervention in place around the world.My ideology is that we need to focus on ourselves for a bit,but I do support foreign aid.

I support stem cell research but not with funding from government.

I have a plan to cut taxes to a flat tax of 10% on income on all families that earn less than 250,000/yr and taxing everyone that earns above that 15% of their income.

I would make a federal reserve where 2% of all income earned annually per person would be reserved and kept for social security.

I also have a plan to give a tax rebate of 8,000 to families under the poverty line which i would redefine as being below 40,000/yr.

I also want to give tax rebate of 4% to small businesses and farmers making less than 250,000/yr.

I also have a plan to invest in natural gas,clean coal,solar energy,wind,and geothermal energy along with drilling here at home(drilling would include heavy environmental oversight).

I want to give incentives to companies that don't ship jobs overseas and give incentives to companies and corporations that bring jobs to America.These incentives are tax cuts of 7% for those that earn less than 20 million a year.

I would also make a federal consumption tax of 6% on everything,excluding energy and healthcare.

I would like to reform the health care system by forcing those that earn less than 250,000 to participate in a universal healthcare system(families will have to pay 800 dollars per family member) and it would be optional for those earning more than 250,000.

I want to increase pay for teachers and especially inner city school teachers and make school attendance compulsory,I also want to increase the preparation of our teachers with county examinations every two years.I would also give incentives to teacher fellows that earn less than 60,000.

I am against gun control.People should be able to bear guns(i just want the guns to be licensed and to kept in a safe location,and I don't want crazy people running around with guns,so i am for a mental health test before getting your gun)

I would be very very tough on immigration,I would build a large wall separating the united states and would increase the amount of raids.I would increase the amount of border patrol and place troops and increase the amount of technology used to stop illegal immigration. For children born in the United States,I would put their citizenship on hold until they are 18 and can decide for themselves where to live.

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    Tax rate is too low to sustain the duties of government, especially with your plan for investment in alternative technology, and more examinations, not counting pay increases.

    As for gun control, look at the murder rates in the USA compared to other western countries!

    And I am not a member of any political party.

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    I also have a plan to give a tax rebate of 8,000 to families under the poverty line which i would redefine as being below 40,000/yr.

    The average income for America is around 40,000 a year.

    With the proposed taxes your doing, and the proposal of Socialzied healthcare below 250k annually would create a large deficit and you would not be able to fund it.

    I like your stance on energy policy although, we would still have to get foreign oil supplies if you were recently elected.

    Increasing pay for teachers is a great idea, but especially for inner city - why? :)

    Good plan for Social Security. Could use a few more details though, you can;'t just set aside 2% of what the government makes without checks and balances and such.

    Immigration I am loving it!

    But fencing off an entire border is almost unrealistic, I would increase # of troops in major illegal crossing areas and increase the tech. For sure.

    Gun control sounds good, but on the topic of that, it is next to impossible to reduce gun crimes to 0. Depression and other mental deficiencies sometimes aren't diagnosed and can lead to gun crimes.

    I like the abortion and stem cell research views, although on abortion, it has been shown that sex ed does not help. and I believe it is unconstitutional for you to make someone work, that is why we have unemployment too.

    I can't say I am overjoyed with your stance on same sex marriage, but then agian I don't care too much about it.

    And for your energy policy I suggest taking some of out wind and solar and geothermal and put it into research for Nuclear Fusion, 1000x more power then those sources if mastered.

    Just my 2 cents, you sound like more of an independent candidate then anything.

    Democrats wouldn't accept you because of views on drilling at home, immigration and gun control and low taxes.

    Republicans wouldn't accept you because abortion and stem cell research views.

    Also, on foreign policy you said no military intervention, but you never specified on military spending or exact diplomatic policies.

    Foreign policy could use some revisions >_>

    I can say that, past the Socialized Healthcare, and if you stayed strong on National Security, I would vote for you, stand for most of the stuff that I like.

    Also, 1 more thing, need a comprehensive plan on the economy.

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    I might vote for you in the next election. The only thing that I am against that you are for is gun control. I hate guns, and I always have. I think that there is no need for anyone to bear a pistol, it does nothing good except for hurting someone. A rifle is fine to have, as long as it is licensed and with a lock so children cannot come in contact with it. While, I am for high teacher's pay, I'm not for the county examinations. Coming from a family of teachers, I know they need higher pay while, they don't need examinations. While if they have been working for over 10 years, no to the exams. Less than 10 years they should need exams. But your place on abortion is fine with me, I am pro-choice instead of pro-life though and I am for gay marriage not just civil union. I'm a democrat, through and through and I would vote for you possibly.

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