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A question about blackberry bushes?

I planted a blackberry bush in my front yard, in with my other flowers and plants. Will it grow bigger, and take over and destroy my other plants?

It isn't doing very well, in fact, I'd say it's probably dead. Will it grow back next year, and will it grow bigger?

I love blackberries and I wanted my own little bush to pick next year.


It is a wild blackberry bush.

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    Is it a domestic blackberry bush, or wild blackberries?

    If its wild, they get no bigger than a stawberry plant.

    If its domestic... it will destroy everything, they can grow well over an inch a day and will multiply as well as take over your whole garden and even your whole front yard if you dont keep them under check.

    I'm not bluffing, after living on a dairy farm that got taken over by them in under a few years, blackberries are delicious but.... the plants themselves are a nuisance. If you are planning to keep care of the plant and and keep it in check, your going to have to do it daily, chop off a branch and it will grow back in days. Its crazy.

    Ill see if I can find a picture for you,

    They will grow that big in little over a year at the least.


    Another note, if it's not doing well, I'm suprised, they live like weeds. If your still going to grow it then give them A LOT of water. Note that they thrive in western Washington where it rains 5 days out of the week year-round.

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    I have wild California blackberries, as well as domesticated blackberries (Marionberries), boysenberries, and an alien-invasive called Himalayan blackberries. Blackberries may take a season to establish their roots, but the roots creep underground by rhizomes which then pop up where the roots have established themselves. You will definitely need to keep the plants under control once they establish themselves. In the meantime if you can get some forest humus or rotted leaves to mulch them with, that will give them a boost. Then just wait for next season. I'm pretty sure they'll be okay. CA wild blackberries have 3 leaflets and smooth stems; Himalayan wild blackberries have 5 leaflets and ridges on the stems. Both taste delicious but CA berries are seedier.

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    Hi Sue ,

    It sounds great to pop out into your garden ( yard ) and collect a bowl of blackberry's but I would listen to the other comments as I also found that they can take over the yard ( garden ) , why don't you collect wild ones ? were I live the hedge rows are full of lush berry's and free.

    Trust all is well with you lol.

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    G'day mate. Rubus Fruiticosa is the Latin call for blackberry. i assume you have the comparable blackberry we've in Australia. R. fruiticosa is likewise a declared noxious weed in Australia. some years in the past I worked because of the fact the assistant to a central authority Vermin and Noxious Weeds inspector. Admittedly our artwork become in reaction to farmland. the popular herbicide of the day become (commerce call) BRUSHOFF. After the timber had died the plant mass might desire to be decreased by skill of hearth, or on your case I advise crushing or actual removing. look ahead to regrowth as one re therapy may be required. It become mandatory to attend until the canes had died and dried out thoroughly in the past removing or burning. additionally save a pay attention for seedlings. In Australia you will possibly desire to be registered / knowledgeable, to be waiting to purchase this chemical. Roundup might probable additionally artwork, yet you will possibly desire to maintain at it with the respraying. good success along with your undertaking, surprisingly in the experience that your mum is utilising the berries for jelly - yum.

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    I don't think you need to worry about it taking over your other plants, just keep it pruned and such and it should be under control. As long as you don't completely kill it, it should also come back next year.

    Also, watch for new bushes to pop-up in your yard. Birds love berries. You may find yourself washing your car a bit more often as well.

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    They need to in the wild.

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    it'll get bigger idk about the rest

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