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room with no purpose. Sunroom or demolishtion?

when we moved in to this new house there had been a huge hole in the backroom. its a room addition so it doesnt really go with the house, and the person who put it up really was an idiot. the house has a peak except for the room addition, its flat roofed. So when we tore down the cieling to put new ones up it was just horrible, the water had been draining into the insulation from where the house and room addition meet. Now we have taken down everything, the cieling the walls due ot mold etc.. now thats just left is plywood and 2x4s ..what can we do with this room now? We were thinking of a sun room, and the room has concrete as its flooring now. how would we go about doing a sun room?

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    Great News. :-)

    You can use sliding padio doors as windows on the three outside walls and have a sunroom with out spending lots of money. I went to Lowes and they had lots of white patio doors that had a scratch or a ding and they were discounted down to basically load and haul away. They were vinayl clad and very easy to install.

    As a building contractor, Anytime you can add interior space to a house and not have to pay an arm and leg; Do IT. First things first. Lets make sure the roof is fixed so you cannot have more leaks. It sounds like all you need is a flange of metal and seal the flashing to prevent leaks. Make the transition from the main room into the sunroom by opening up all of that space. Put in extra supports on both sides of this entrance. It may be important to add in another header between the outside wall supports. Take a look. You basically have all the hard work over so you can start to reclaim your house and add a sunroom. Next, Take the patio doors and add them to the outside walls, on all three sides. You can frame and stud up all three in a couple of hours, half a day. Nest run your electrical circuits around the walls, overhead for lights and a cable for T.V. Next insulate the walls. Put in R-19 or better. This will help keep the room cool in summer and very warm in winter. Next, Drywall everything. Do you see your sunroom coming into view?

    Next prime, sand. texture your ceiling and finish the walls, Next paint everything. You can even buy a gallon of cement floor paint and finish the cement floor. I painted my cement floor the color of old copper. Looked great and I am so proud to share the steps with you. Next set several chairs in your room to enjoy. You can sit back and look at what you were able to complete. Enjoy!

    The patio doors are very cheap. I used white but you can use brown if it matches the rest of the house. I liked white because the rest of my remodel was painted antique white for the walls; Pure white for ceilings and linen white gloss for my trim. It look really good and was the selling point when I resold the house. Just think about what you are doing.

    Take your time and do each step correct. You must make sure you do not have any more leaks from the roof or the sides of the house for this to work. If you want to get creative cut in a 3 X 5 skylight in your ceiling. Do this if you have to reshingle your roof to stop the leaks. All you have to do is take one thing at a time and ask questions, when you need help.If you set your mind that you want this to happen; You are half way there. So Go for it. This is valuable space and now you can say, " Look what we did"! Enjoy your new sunroom... with skylight. ;-}

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    I think a sunroom is the perfect idea. Why demolish a perfectly good room? As for the lack of purpose, I wouldn't worry too much about it--there are so many uses for a sunroom, that you might actually find yourself wishing you do MORE things there. I had mine installed last year with and it's the perfect place for so many things...reading a book in the sunlight, playing with the kids, growing herbs...and the cat and dog just love to doze off in the sun there! Don't demolish the room! Find out how much can be done with that space, and I'm sure you won't regret it, just like my husband and I don't :)

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    Just so you know for the future. Before you purchased this home you should have had a home inspection. The inspector would have pointed out these problems You could have gone to the county building dept. to see if this guy got building permits. I guarantee you he didn't. The county could have forced him to correct the problem at his expense before he could sell the house to anyone. I know there's nothing you can do now, but next time you'll know.

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    Good suggestions from Rick. I have to disagree about the skylight though. Flat roofs and skylights are a bad combination.

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