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did you like ace combat zero?

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    Dude!You're the 2nd person in the entire Y!A member gallery who plays Ace Combat!So first I'd like to introduce myself.I have played Ace Combat 4,5 and Zero.I will be purchasing a 360 this November alongside with Ace Combat 6.I'm quite pro at the game;I've beaten the 'Ace' level on all three games.

    Alright,where was I...oh,yeah,I'd say Zero is OK,improves upon 5 in terms of graphics,animation etc.Sadly,the storyline and lifetime fall short of Ace Combat 5 and 4.

    Ace Combat 5 is the best I've played so far,followed by 4 and Zero.

    If you have any trouble in Zero,feel free to e-mail me,I'll guide you in this game if you need help.

    Source(s): Nice meeting you :)
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