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what do you think pf these lyrics?

Hearing but not Hearing

By: Samantha Kennedy

You don’t hear very well physically.

Within your house you sense something from hell.

You have to wear hearing aids.

Hearing but not hearing

You haven’t met your spirit guides who are your aids as a medium.

You hear a hellish sound from the basement.

You aren’t quite sure if it’s a devil.

Hearing but not hearing

Even though you can’t hear very well physically you heard the hellish sound psychically.

Years later after hearing surgery you figure out that you’re indeed a psychic.

When you realized this it was like a swift kick in the rear.

Even though your parents don’t believe you. You know it to be true.

Hearing but not hearing

The first time ever you hear sounds that every one else takes for granted.

You have never once ranted about anything.

You play with a zipper to id the sound it makes because you didn’t know that sound could be related to an object.

You have always had psychic hearing and that’s something no one else has had.

Hearing but not hearing

You felt very bad energy in your house.

Now that you no longer live there you have met both of your spirit guides.

You have spoken with both of your guides as well.

Hearing but not hearing

Hearing but not hearing

Hearing but not hearing

Be honest. no stupid answers. no joke answers. i just wrote them.

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    It's great. maybe change the worlds a bit, and make them rhyme, but i think this could be a great song

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