What do you think about Palin being bold to take on corruption in high places?

McCain has done this & so has Palin.

And have been successful. Corruption in high places is something that has been a problem since when. Because power corrupts. And I want the sneeky illegal corruptions exposed.


Why falsely accuse President Bush of being corrupted?

OK, Cheny had a problem with overseeing the contractors in & around Iraq. That would be corruption that needs to be addressed. I think Palin will help McCain do this.

Update 2:

Honey, What you see as deformed, Palin sees as perfect. I call my grand children beautiful all the time. The world might disagree with me. But they are beautiful as far as I am concerned.

Update 3:

Why should school children be forced to deny our Creator. What is wrong with both Evolution (theory) and Creationism (theory). Both are theories. Both have true & false in them. But only one denies we have a Creator.

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    I think that is the sort of thing we need in Washington. Just because you belong to a certain political party does not mean you have to agree with everything they say, and it doesn't mean that you just sit by and watch them break the law or abuse their power. If you see corruption, do the ethical thing and call them out on it. Get 'em out of there. And I have seen this sort of drive in President McCain and VP Palin :D.

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    She needs to expose the Keating 5 scandal! Or the Valerie Plame scandal!

    She only went after those corrupt GOP members, to clear the way for her forms of corruption. She's under indictment for abuse of power. She was a mayor of a tiny village of only 9,000 people. Do you really want her just a feeble heart beat from the presidency?

    McCain is just the " sacrificial lamb" of the neo-cons. He isn't supposed to win! The "fix" was in for Clinton,but along came Obama ! The neo-cons knew that if Hillary was president, she would be totally controlled by the attacks and smears from the fascist corporate media.She has a "Kick Me" sign on her back,and can never get it off! The fact that Obama won the primary, shows that the neo-cons are weakening,and are getting desperate! The "false flag" operation in Georgia,was a direct action of the McCain camp to scare the American people. His top foreign policy adviser is the leading lobbyist for the Georgian govt.! Innocent humans were slaughtered for the need for votes! When McCain says his trademark phrase "My friends" ,he's just being sarcastic! He's not my friend!

    Source(s): Working class old white guy for OBAMA!
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    Obama has also worked to expose corruption and pass laws to prevent it or at least make it harder.

    My mom exposed corruption locally too... I stil don't believe she really has the experience to take on washington.

    But perhaps more importantly, she actually believes that it would be a good idea to teach creationism along with evolution, that a girl brutally raped must bear any baby that results, that human needs and greed for more and more oil must come before any animal or beautiful clean place on this earth.

    I think that after the initial HUGE BUZZ of this selection it will be clear that only the most ultra right wingers and possibly a few guys thinking with their ***** will be attracted to the republican ticket because of Palin. She may even drive off some of the more middle leaning republicans.

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    Anyone who successfully gets rid of corrupt govt officials and those doing business with same are worthy of our congratulations. But, the only two duties of a Vice President are to become President and Commander in Chief should the President die or become unable to serve, and to break a tie vote in the US Senate.

    I will gladly salute Gov. Palin for fighting corruption but I can never support her as Vice President because of her noticeable lack of any foreign relations experience.

    The fact that the Governor would be a heartbeat away from being our Commander in Chief is absolutely chilling to me. And, given his age and cancer scares, Sen. McCain needed to make his choice of Vice President in a thoughtful and respectful manner as it is possibly the most important decision he may ever make. Unfortunately, he failed to do this.

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    Sounds good to me. I live in a state whose motto ought to be "We don't condone corruption; we INSIST upon it."

    OK, it's New Jersey. You know, the place where our last governor wanted to set up HIS LOVER as head of NJ's Homeland Security Department (yeah, apparently there is one), despite the fact that said lover had NO security clearances whatsoever. The person's sole qualification was being the governor's lover.

    I'm not originally from this state, and I think that people who have lived here all their lives think it's normal. I know better.

    But people who characterize one political party or another as the source of all their problems are just engaging in stereotypes. And that's ignorance. That is why I did not disclose the ex-gov's party affiliation. The main problem was HIM, not his party.

    We have a lot of power if we stick together to do what we can to see that the wrong people don't come to power, or at least that they don't stay in power, even if it's just to email their offices and let them know what we think, or what we WILL be thinking about when we vote.

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    I wish them luck but the corrupted know how to cover it up, their chances of uncovering any are slim That was why the CIA FBI and other offices were created. Mr G.E Hoover who ran the FBI used it for his own police force against his opponents and he did quite well, Government has grown so large that it is near impossible to detect because of the large amount of documents that have to be read to find it. I would be happy if they are able to start drilling for oil and build refineries and put some new power plants on line to provide for the energy we need. That is more important to me than the corruption.

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    It simply means that she will be kept out of the good old boys inside circles.

    Do you honestly think the Republicans want a traitor amidst them?


    John McCain said that the duties of a VP were twofold: To see if the President's health was okay and to go to funerals.

    That's all Palin will be doing.

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    I want real "change" and regardless of the parroting of Mc Same, I am looking forward to Mrs. Palin Goes To Washington.

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    I think Palin is the perfect choice. She is a real person and not some lawyer looking to line her pockets or get a lucrative book deal. We need more people like Palin in government. If we did, it would not be corrupt. She is honest and the kind of person that will truly represent us and look out for the American taxpayer.

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    Starting November 5 I think there is going to be a pall of smoke over Washington as virtually every member of congress gets to work burning all those confidential memos they wouldn't want to be read in an open courtroom. Ron Paul will continue business as usual.

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