What are soft subtitles?

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    Basically, soft subtitles are subtitles that are not IN the actually video and are more of an overlay onto the video online. (If you downloaded it, the subtitles would not go along with it, it would be the raw.)

    Conversely, hard subtitles are rendered into the actual video and if you downloaded that, the subtitles would come along with it since its laced into the video. (A raw is taken, words are put in it, then it is exported.)

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    What are soft subtitles?

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    I THINK it means that they are a few subtitles to choose from.. I saw that term on Crunchyroll before, when they had two subtitles to choose from. And I didn't see it there when there was only one subtitle available, so yeah..

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    hi there,

    maybe this will help : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subtitle_(captioning)

    (the explanation is under TYPES (N° 5 in the contents table)

    another article - but harder to understand :


    Mike Dennis.

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    Not sure what to say

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    It depends..

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