Is a 4 1/2 to 5 inch penis big enough?

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Not to be perverted, just figured I would see if it's average or not. Also is there a way to get it to grow about an inch or two?
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Let me give you a heads up john. Well sometimes that song size matter isn't right. I mean sometimes size really don't matter. Only time size would matter is if your like 2inches and 19 years old. Plus if your 18, you still got a few years to go before your out of puberty. So don't sweat it man! I have faith in ya.

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  • Bella Swan answered 6 years ago
    A girl is only as deep as her middle finger, so there really isn't use for a 10 inch long penis like guys think.

    5 - 6 inches about the normal size for a guy.
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  • Vadim S answered 6 years ago
    Exactly average.
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  • Jeffrey H answered 6 years ago
    Its not the size of the tol but the use of the tool and motion of the waves. got it.
    I only answered this one for the points its was a real no brainer. cheers.


    womn dont care for the size of the tool but how you use it and the wave of the motion is makes. so move your assets and stop the
    content of your members girth or length its all in the motion
    and how you know how to use your own talents. move your assets
    and all the women your with will by word of mouth dispell the rumor size matters. And you could be the next atlk of the town.
    Women talk so give somethng to talk about when the opportunity
    presents the option.
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  • Short Comings answered 3 months ago
    I'm 4.5 - 5 inches and less than the average of five inches around. I can honestly tell you that while most would say it's close to average, it is indeed small. My wife confirms this as all of her past bfs were bigger. Individually, not all women are into big ones. But as a group, women will choose a bigger one over a smaller one. My wife says it's just way more intense and satisfying to do it with a bigger one - better to have too much than not enough. Having a small one is frustrating, especially knowing that the last guy and the next guy after me is probably going to be bigger and go deeper and give her more pleasure than I'm equipped to do.
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  • Alan answered 5 months ago
    Depends of your age really if your 13 or 14 it's average I'm 13 my penis is 6 1/2
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  • Prodosh answered 5 months ago
    I have 5 inches erected penis but in sex time I spent 1 to 1.5 hours time in intersourse, Is it normal or abnormal
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  • Shawn W answered 6 years ago
    im 14 and mines like 4 3/4 so almost 5 inches but im still in puberty till like 20 so i dont sweat it. Plus i got a girlfriend since i was 12 and shes never had anyone else so if i was too small ( i take showers at the gym in my highskool and im not ) she wouldnt know.
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  • Harriet answered 6 years ago
    It's a little below average but still within the normal range. Sorry you can't make it grow unless you are still in puberty in which case waiting will do it.

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  • PleaseHelp! answered 6 years ago
    Unfortunately, to tell you the truth it might not always be good enough. But what you can do is up the areas where you do have control over, as in foreplay, using toys, etc.
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  • Em answered 6 years ago
    erm it can be
    but for some girls its not enough ;)
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  • not my real name answered 6 years ago
    from 5 1/2 inch to six inches its functional, but if you want it to grow more, youll have to undergo surgery, where they cut the base, and then it comes out like one or two inches longer.
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  • Mog answered 6 years ago
    Average is 6.... but you've still got hope so long as you're good with it.
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  • Greenpoptabs answered 6 years ago
    6 is average
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  • delive_rance answered 6 years ago
    YOU DIDN'T TOLD US from where you came from. Because there is a different of height and thickness from Asian to Caucasian. If you are Asian this is practically the usual sizes, but from European this is too small because of their body structure. Whites are enormously bigger than Asian esp. black people who got the biggest penises around the world.

    YOURS is an average one. I think you have nothing to worry about your size because normally Asian women accept this kind of sizes because of the sizes of Asian women. No there is no way to make it grow, it mostly defend on male testosterone-manliness of one person. So if you come from an average family and your roots are all average so it is impossible you will have a above average length of penis. But there is a new technique in science mostly plastic surgeon that prolong the length of the penis, they mostly do services for men and women.
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  • Brandon Lawrence L answered 6 years ago
    ha 5 inch's mine is 5 feet
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