Obama, Black or Biracial?

Since Barack Obama's mom was white, wouldn't that make him Biracial not black. 50% of his DNA is white. What are your thoughts? If being biracial automatically makes you black why isn't Derek Jeter, Mariah Carey etc considered black? This can be a touchy issue which is why I only want repliers who can discuss race openly in a mature manner.

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    1 decade ago
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    he's a Biracial Black person

    Part of being black in America has to do with your white admixture, and as a result your skin tone (light, dark, medium, high yellow, etc). Black people have ALWAYS had white blood, its not some new concept that we just now have had to deal with. The average black american is about 23% white, meaning that theoritically we're are each descended from 3 black people and one white person (essentialy we all have a "white grandaddy" genetically speakin). If you looked in any black family tree before long you will see white people, its an inevitable part of being and African American and in turn being American. Malcom X had a half-white mother. So did Louis Farrrakhan. My mother is half white as well, and most people i know have great grandparents who are mixed. To black folks, the fact that Barack is half-white is irrelevant because we are ACCUSTOMED to black people with white blood, it goes back all the way to slavery.

    What also goes all the way back to slavery is America's conception of whiteness. Biracial people will never be considered white because of America's perception of what is and isnt white. To be white in america means being 100% pure white, and biracial people arent that, so they're just classified as a subdivision of whatever minority their parent is.As for Jeter & Mariah, they do consider themselves minorities. America's One-Drop rule effectively ended any chance of anyone with significant non-white DNA to be classified as white.

    Aside from that, Barack Obama himself self-identifies as Black. I mean, he's darker than Jerimiah Wright AND Jesse Jackson. So thats that, end of discussion.

    I like how whenever a biracial person does something good, THEN white people wanna claim them, but when they do somethin stereotypically "ghetto" they treated like any other n*gga.

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    Does it really matter? I am married to a black man and have a biracial child that we raise as that...simply a child...she has relationships with both our families and has both white and black friends. We want her to identify with whatever makes her feel most comfortable...whether it be white, black, or biracial. I think that how biracial people tend to view themselves also may have something to do with where they grow up and the type of people they grow up around. We live in a larger city where you see lots of biracial children and interracial couples. I don't look at Barack for the color of his skin...he is the best candidate for president and that's why he has our vote!

    MAMA FOR OBAMA 2008 :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Dude, when you're Black and mixed with White, "Black" is going to be on the birth certificate. I bet a majority of light-skinned Blacks are probably biracial, but don't know it. If I looked at Obama as a regular person on the street, I'd assume he's Black because it stands out more. I can't say, "Hey! Look at that mixed guy!"

  • 1 decade ago

    It's some kind of 'white' thing.

    If anyone is part black and part anything else,

    or even several anything else's (tiger woods),

    for some reason they are only thought of as


    No one ever seems to say about Obama or

    any other racially varied person, "Well, he/she/they

    are half/part white/asian/native american you know."

    As far as folks like Jeter & Carey? Well they are

    beloved icons of white people. Therefore, it is more

    palatable for them to be thought of as 'mostly white'.

    Whether you think of yourself as racist or not, when

    you think in these terms it IS a hold over attitude

    and thought process from the pre-civil rights days.

    Hard to believe in the 21st century that we as a

    suppossedly 'civilized' species still can't seem to

    overcome the issues of color/creed/ethnic/religious


    Not to say things haven't improved, but the going

    just seems so slow sometimes.

    Why can't he just be considered 'a man' in the generic

    sense, without wearing the label of black/white/bi-racial

    or however people seem predisposed to want to

    classify him?

    I don't know, that all just seems so 1950's to me.

    Maybe someday we will all figure out what's really

    important in this wonderful world and leave the trivialities

    of racial/religioius/ethnic differences where they belong.

    In the past.

    To be studied and learned from so as not to repeat the

    nightmares of intolerance.

    Who knows? Maybe some day.

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  • Choc1
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you Matthew P. "certain" people never cared about considering biracials being half/half, until Obama. Very interesting.

    edit: Before if someone had Black blood in them they were shunned, and automatically considered Black. Now everyday people want to remind us that he's mixed. Well let me remind you that so is Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, and Tiger Woods.

  • 1 decade ago

    White people are just bent on making Barack look as non-black as possible. I bet your wondering the same thing for that homelss biracial dude walking down the streets right????? All the sudden Barack is a biracial man and not black, Wow, what happened to the ever so convenient "one drop rule"????? Hey,by the way, if i dont put on lotion for 5 days am I white????

  • 1 decade ago

    Genetically, biracial. Socially, Black.

    Source(s): The way it is.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is not an issue....most people in America, especially non-whites, are from multi-cultured backgrounds. And still, we are called "black".

    Being black in America just means that you have African-Ancestory. I've heard many bi-racial children being called black. If you have an ounce of African in you and it's noticeable...people are going to assume you are "black".

    Barack Obama is a human being...he is a man trying to make a change for this country. The color of his skin shouldn't be an issue.

  • Renee
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    4 years ago

    Most blacks in America are multiracial, yet society only sees us as black. Technically he is biracial.

  • neet
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    1 decade ago

    He is biracial, but he identifies as black. Most biracial people who are as dark as him tend to identify as being black because they are treated by others as black. Halle Berry is a good example of this. If you didn't know his racial background and saw his picture, you'd probably see a black man.

    I believe that Mariah Carey does identify as black, but when biracial people look more white, like her, Derek Jeter, and Nicole Ritchie, people tend to see them as biracial as opposed to black. When they're darker, like Tiger Woods or Halle Berry, people view them as black.

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