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would a green tree frog and a bearded dragon be ok together?

i have an outdoor enclosure and it is 3metres long byt 1.5metres wide and it has a pond in it i dont currently have anything in it but i was thinking to get some green tree frogs,bearded dragon,blue tongues and water dragon would the lizards eat the frogs?


i have put got a book and it says all those lizards will live fine togther but they need to have there requirments like branches and everything

Update 2:

i have a book and it said that all those lizard species would be fine together if there is the write things for all like branshes for the dragons and rocks for the blue tongues

Update 3:

peter p can u explain more please lol

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    Nope, that combo wouldn't work. Neither would a beardie and a water dragon. I'm not sure about a beardie and blue tongue skink.

    A water dragon might eat frogs, depending on the size of the water dragon and the size of the frogs. If the water dragon is just little (little as in the frogs are too big to eat), the water dragon and frogs might be okay.

    Beardies are from a dry area; water dragons and tree frogs are not. They require a humid environment.

    If you decide to keep different species together, you must be very, very cautious about it. Only mix animals whose environments are very similar, or, better yet, identical. You can successfully house Australian water dragons and Chinese water dragons together. I've heard you can successfully do basilisks and sailfins with water dragons.

    Also, when housing different species together, make sure the enclosure is plenty big enough for all of them.

    Is your outdoor enclosure the only one you have? What are your plans for when the weather gets colder or when the weather's bad?

    Source(s): (wonderful website with information about housing different species together); (another good website, though its info about different species together isn't as complete as the other one)
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    Green Tree Dragon

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    No, they are not compatible. Reptiles and amphibians don't mix. Not only would the bearded dragon eat the frog, but the two animals require completely different habitats. None of the animals you listed are compatible. Tropical and desert do not mix.

    Depending on where you live keeping a beardie outdoors may be a bad idea. Too much humidity can kill them.

    Please do a lot of research before deciding on anything!

    ~Throw that book away. A water dragon requires high levels of humidity while the beardie will die in those levels.

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    no the beardie lives in a desert and a water dragon lives in an aboreal the beardie will die most likely from the humidity needed for the water dragon and vise versa. as for the frog,the beardie will probably eat it, trust me i've seen beardies eating lizards, frogs, fish, and even mice! it doesn't even make much sense advise would be to get 2 water drogans :)then you can be occupied with bredding and such

    ok i got your request to add more detail so here we go: ok the main concern is that a water dragon and a beardie are from completely different enviroments. beardies live in a desert and a water drogon lives in a semi-aboreal eviroment,that means that a beardie need very hot climates not humid ones, where as a water dragon needs a place to climb up and bask and a water area to jump into and swim or submerge themselves. beardies don't climb and don't like to swim. as you can see they aren't compatible. as for the frog,i really can't see any problem with it being in the water dragon cage other than the fact that it may be eaten or stressed out besides that they pretty much need the same needs so i wouldn't say no to trying it...just make sure you have a backup cage :)

    Source(s): reptiles are my life foo
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    If your looking to buy a cheaper pet, I would buy the tree frogs. If your looking to buy a more durable, exotic pet, that lives a very long time (11 years in captivity), I would buy a bearded dragon. I, myself have a bearded dragon, they are tamed much easier than tree frogs, and they are pets that are easily handled. tree frogs would be much more difficult to handle.

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    From the animals you listed, it sounds like you are in Australia. That would mean that these are all species native to your area. The species that you refer to as a green tree frog is more commonly known as a White's or Dumpy tree frog outside of Australia. Everyone who answered assumed that you were talking about the small American green tree frog. A bearded or blue tongue is quite unlikely to attempt to eat an adult White's.

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    No, you should NEVER mix species, not even the lizards, they can spread diseases and act aggressively or even kill eachother. Keep them all separate.

    Plus all those animals have very different care requirements to the point that perfect for one could result in the death of another.

    Just, no.

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NEVER mix species, espcially species that need totally opposite habitats! Please do your research before you buy a pet, espcially reptiles and amphibians.

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