what happened to the uopsucks.com website?

The University of Phoenix does suck, and I want to know what happened to the wonderful site www.uopsucks.com.


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    The site stopped getting updated at the beginning of this year (archive.org, alexa.com). It was basically a site started by a disgruntled student or employee and, like most all of these types of sites, the person eventually gets over their grudge and moves on. Despite many of the sites claims, U of P has continued to grow larger and increase the student base every quarter- both online and with physical campuses.

    While many scholarly organizations do not approve of the U of P "for profit" business model, many believe this is because the U of P is one of the first accredited universities to achieve profit while not accepting direct government funding- most universities lose money and rely on substantial private and corporate donations to keep running even while accepting government assistance and raising costs (and at the same time cutting programs).

    The U of P is not perfect. They do employ aggressive advertising that some feel "cheapen" their image. They also have a lower graduation rate than most universities as the accelerated format and self-disciplined group aspects don't "hand-hold". Students going into the program thinking that, because it's online, it will be "easy", are usually surprised to find themselves hopelessly behind after a few weeks or a few classes.

    Back to the UoPsucks.com site itself- looking at the IP's of the posters show that most of the forums posts and comments came form the same IP as the site author posing as multiple persons. Googling the domain shows many people who state their "positive" posts were quickly deleted and their accounts/IP's banned.

    No matter which educational facility you choose, the education you receive will be limited only to the effort you put in to it. You can blame the school, the teacher- whoever you want. But at the end of the day, the only one responsible is yourself.

    I have two engineering degrees from one of the top engineering schools in the country. After working in IT for over 12 years (engineering bored me), I decided to get an IT degree as well. I checked into the U of P even though most people I told said "isn't that a diploma mill?". When questioned on that statement, the only answers I received were "That's what I heard", "I don't know, I just assumed".

    A diploma mill is a fake, non-accredited school that awards a worthless degree in exchange for a lump some of money and a "life experience" paper that will never be read by anyone. Or schools that offer a "certificate" in exchange for watching a few online videos and paying ~5k.

    It irks me that people who never attended the U of P- or even know some one who has- will blindly swear up and down that it is a "diploma mill", that is prevents you from getting a job, etc.

    Is Tulane a good school? How about Florida tech? Notre Dame? Villannova? Yes? Well guess what- each will award you a "Masters Certificate" (easily confused for a Masters Degree to most) for "attending" a six week online course consisting of videos you run off CD's. The cost? Just over 6k. And you cannot get federally sponsored loans as they are not considered real degrees. The U of P doesn't offer such a program- why is that? And why are those "prestigious" schools not considered paper mills?

    I work for a Fortune 100 company and consider myself quite successful. I had over 15 years It experience in IT when I attended U of P. Were some classes easy? Absolutely. It would be like a person from South America majoring in Spanish. But guess what, some classes, such as the programming classes, introduced material unfamiliar to me and were quite difficult. while I could have coasted through and gotten a "B", I didn't- I participated, learned, enjoyed, and didn't stop learning once that particular class ended.

    I am friends with a U of P "facilitator". Correct, he is a "facilitator", not a "professor". Why? Because he is not qualified? No- he has two Masters and his PHD. He is a "facilitator" because is an "at will' employee of the Apollo corporation, the for profit company that runs U of P. "Professors" have tenure and are protected by the same system that provides government funding to their employers. "Professors" are protected by that system and cannot be fired for poor performance (remember the guy that taught the 9/11 class and said that those that died in the twin towers deserved it? And got to keep his job?). If he was a "facilitator" at U of P, he wold have been fired. Which system is faulty there?

    Your "wonderful' website went away because it was a sham. Low traffic (alexa.com) and fraudulent posts (google.com). If it was worth anything at all, why didn't the owner sell it for a profit? Why did they hide behind a proxy ownership (although you can still find out who they are. You can also see the other sites they own operated under similar false pretenses.

    If the U of P was a diploma mill, you would not be able to get government subsidized loans. They would not be accredited. They would not hav

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  • 4 years ago

    University Of Phoenix Sucks

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  • 6 years ago

    UPDATE: There is a UOP Blogspot up and running @ http://universityofphoenixsucks.blogspot.com/2009/...

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