Poll: Do you believe that everyone has a guardian angel?

Or atleast someone to look after you?

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    1 decade ago
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    Definitely....we all have one, some more present than others, but still existitent in all our lives.

  • Not really. I used to believe that I did, but once I started looking at my life, I realized there was not much to be happy about and I definitely needed someone to look after me more often than I can count, but always felt alone and even when I would pray, there was nothing. No sign, no happy days, no nothing. Just a bunch of people after me to hurt and destroy me. Nothing I ask for comes my way, it actually seems to happen only to the people who hurt me. However, if all angel are demons, I guess I'd have to say mine ain't so angelic after all. I feel that if I do have one, it's working with the enemy to have me killed one day. I'll change my mind when my life starts to look like the one people have been trying to keep me from living. Because, I know I deserve a good life, whether my haters like it or not.

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    mom or father angels look after their expenses in communities . There are constantly 2 angels who compliment each and each others character. 71fa98cecf9e896e77d11325dbe19dc6ome people have the watch care of a pair of non-public guardians whilst others are in communities of from tens to thousands . I do settle for the fact of angelic association . it extremely is in reaction to revelations, the two epochal and private. [71fa98cecf9e896e77d11325dbe19dc671fa98cecf9e896e77d11325dbe19dc671fa98cecf9e896e77d11325dbe19dc671fa98cecf9e896e77d11325dbe19dc6] and you will learn.

  • Yes, I believe that we each have a Guardian Angel that watches over us, and that makes me feel secure in that knowledge.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes! I've needed my guardian angel a few times! ♥

  • 1 decade ago

    Very much. The Gurdian Angel is gifted to all. We all have it.

    Its called Hope.

    Hope has power to heal all your wounds and keep walking no matter how tough the going goes in life.



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    1 decade ago

    i believe that u r the guardian angel for who u love

  • 1 decade ago

    As a kid I did, but not so much anymore... though I still like seeing art of angels or winged creatures, its why I always put wings on my avatars.

    Ha, I just remembered that movie, angels in the outfield.

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    1 decade ago

    some do some don't but I know I got more than one guardian angels.

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    1 decade ago

    I think that we are all looked out for by other people, I think that is what having friends and loved ones is all about.

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