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Sin city question, yes its about the nudity.?

I really need help. As far as i know the nudity is in the beginning. And the nudity is a girl in the corner nude, thrusting sex nude, guy getting his thing ripped off and a dead girl. Is it brief or hard to see? I know i keep asking this but i don't get alot of good answers. I'm getting further into being able to watch it, i have to wait until I'm 14 years old know. But i can change that. Please help.


I just saw parts of sin city on youtube, and i saw the nudity. I can't beleive my parents don't want me to watch this for a year. The nudity was so breif and hard to see i can't even really classify this as nudity.

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    I agree that the nudity is minor.

    However “Sin City” is a very violent film, and at least some of the costuming can be easily construed as being openly exploitive.

    The problem is that official classification boards have been set up in various countries, mostly to satisfy uptight parents that their kids can’t see films that the board believes might be bad or them. This is mostly nonsense of course. Japan is rather free from this nonsense. But perhaps it is not entirely nonsense. Which is the danger. There is a slippery slope there.

    Of course, it could be worse. The ancient Greeks had no rules against describing anything you wanted in books, but forbid all acts of violence on stage. The Romans continued with this, but allowed real violence in their coliseums.

    There is likely to be a danger from too much desensitizing to violence. One finds the argument that films which show violence without much blood are more dangerous than those that show violence with its full brutality.

    See . That your parent will let you watch a film at age 14 which they legally ought to insist you are 18 before you watch it does not suggest overmuch concern with the law in this matter.

    But check the reviews. Some reviewers, not just the namby-pamby Christian kind, are down on this film. It made them feel dirty. The violence was gratuitous and not very interesting, or so they thought. Others feel differently.

    I feel differently. But I don’t necessarily feel that my own feelings should be a guide to everyone.

    So wait till you are 14. If, when you become an adult, you still feel you were treated wrongly in this matter, let it be known. If enough people feel this way, the rules will be changed or done away with.

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    You can't even see the guy when he rips the other

    guys nuts off. You just hear a tear. And as of the nudity, it

    only shows breasts. I own the movie on dvd and theres not

    that much nudity or cussing.

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    Their is nudity near the start and again when Marv is getting his pills. Both times it is very short.

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    Yep, at the Beginning, Goldie and Marv are shown having sex, and you can see Goldie's breasts. When Marv gets pills from Lucille, you can also see her breasts, as well as her butt in a thong. When Marv/Lucille are captured by Kevin, i think you see her naked again and you can dimly see Hartingan's behind as he is being hung.

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