Getting into the University of Michigan/MSU?

I'm a Junior and I'm taking Chemistry Honors, American Lit, Spanish IV Honors, Algebra II, and AP US History. This year, I will be joining 10+ clubs, or at least I'll try. I am shooting for straight A's this year and next. I am taking the practice ACT in October and the regular ACT in April. I'm taking the SAT in the fall of my Senior year. Next summer, I'll be holding my first job AND will be interning at a hospital (I want to become a doctor). Next year, I'll be taking AP Biology, AP Literature, AP Spanish V, Trigonometry (1st semester), Advanced Math (2nd semester), AP Government (2nd semester), and Human Physiology (1st semester).

I did not do great my Freshman year and am wondering if there's something I can do to clear that record because it'll hurt my GPA. If I can clear that up, my GPA will turn out to be a 4.0 exactly. I think I'll talk to my CRC (college resource center).

Anyway, with a good GPA, good circulars, good scores on ACT/SAT, good teacher recommendation, good essay, etc will I have a good chance to getting in? I live in Illinois, by the way, so I'm out-of-state.

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    You should look into University of Chicago. Pritzker medical school is one of the best. Honestly, I would would say you are a good candidate for MSU especially, but being out of state hurts your chances. U of M is more selective, but if you do really well on the SAT you'd have a good shot. Take the PSAT and try to get the national merit scholarship (you have to score well on the PSAT)

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