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Homecoming dress up days...?

Okay so i need some ideas for days for homecoming. I have these so far..but i need some other options.

Hippie day

Crazy day

pj day

hat day

spirit day

cowboy day

crossdress day

nerd day

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    Emo day, that would be the best thing ever.

    Rock day

    80s day

    black day, (not african american, just dress like rockers, emos, metalheads, gothics, etc...)

    Disney Day

    Super Hero day

    Hero day ( you would dress like you idol, not like a superhero)

    Olympic day

    Book day (dress like your favorite character in a book)

    Most of your ideas are overused, in my school we've done Hiplie day 3 times, Pj day 4 years in a row, Hat day every year, and

    Spirit day every friday.

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    Homecoming dress up days...?

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    properly um i comprehend at my college college spirt day is usually a givin i think of the pupil have the main relaxing with that day and um gatoring (like befor soccer pastime and property you comprehend how people only gown in somewhat funky clothing like halloween coustums and surely tight wresterlers uniforms and stuff)

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    When is friendship day?

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