Im so confused what to write about Astronomy?

What should i write about astronomy? i got its definition ...

but what could i possibly write? the main points??? anyone know?

dont worry i wont steal anyone knowledge i just want to learn.

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    Aaah, astronomy... Where to start?

    Astronomy is the study of the universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere. The science does not claim to predict your future or lend credence to the practises of Astrology. Rather through the use of Physics principles, Astronomy explains the evolution of the universe and through sound mathematical simulations forecasts its development.

    Although Astronomy has been around for thousands of years and is perhaps the oldest science, it is only in the last century and particularly the last few decades that we have developed the technology to study the universe in greater detail.

    Every day we are gathering new data on everything from galaxy formation to black holes to the big bang itself using a staggering array of multi-wavelength telescopes on the ground and in space. We continue to answer one of humankind's most burning questions: "What is out there?" but perhaps more impressive is the great progress that has been made in answering the question "How does it all work?"

    There are different definitions of Astronomy. Some define it as a branch of science dedicated to the study of the motions and natures of celestial bodies, like planets, stars, and galaxies. Others say it is the study of objects and matter outside the earth's atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties. Still others would say it is the study of everything, because it's a study of the universe and everything is part of the universe.

    All three definitions are accurate, but however you define it, there are many fields within Astronomy. Cosmologists study the Universe as a whole, including its beginnings. Astrometrists measure great distances. Planetologists study planets within our own Solar System as well as those orbiting distant stars. Radio Astronomers use radio-telescopes to study the Universe. There are also Mathematical Astronomers who use numbers, calculations and statistics to explain the universe.

    Astronomy is not a "stand-alone" science. It combines areas from a number of other fields, including mathematics, chemistry, geology, biology and physics. In fact, physics is such an integral part of the field that many astronomers are also known as Astrophysicists.

    The study of our universe is not new, astronomy is the oldest science. People have been looking up, trying to explain the universe for as long as there have been people. Some of the earliest Astronomers were priests and holy men, studying the movement of celestial bodies to determine celebrations and planting cycles.

    The ancient Greeks were the first to start developing astronomy theories about the design of the Universe.

    There have been many astronomers throughout history who have played important roles in the science. Many have later been proved wrong as our knowledge and technology improved, but if not for the earlier work, later scientists would have had nothing on which to base their research.

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    The great thing about astronomy, is that it is a very wide subject. You have a HUGE list to choose from for your paper.

    People often like writing papers on our very own solar system for a simple, but excellent astronomy paper. With our solar system, you research it and write about however much you want, depending on what your level of understanding is. You can write a simple paper just on some basic properties of the solar system, or you could take it to the next level and make a very long, detailed report on the solar system. The great thing about our solar system is that we know a lot about it, so you have TONS of information to work with.

    So here are some topics:

    * Solar system

    * Stars

    * Planets (in general)

    * Extra-stellar solar systems

    * Dark matter

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    are you doing an assignment? is it an essay? how long?

    there are many interesting topics to write about in Astronomy, including the recent advances in the knowledge of planetary formation, the identification of new Kuiper Belt Objects, new photos of distant stars and galaxies taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and its proposed replacement the James Webb...

    any would make interesting fodder for a paper.

    <edit> anyone else think this guy will never explain what he meant? sheesh, what a waste of time even thinking about it.

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    Well, to begin with, you could begin by writing something about the universe and it's many facets. It's beginnings, it's eventual end, it's "now", whatever, anything would be interesting, huh? What a thing to do, answer a question, with another question.

    I'm sorry! But your "question" is very ambiguous, and is therefore, indistinct. Why is it that you "want to learn" and what, is it that you "want to learn", because I would like to know. That way I can "learn" something, too!

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    there are a ton of topics to write about. for instance you could write about dark energy

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