Where to find cheap organic food?

I would like to eat just organic food and In the market, I see just a couple of organic stuff, not very much and they are much more expensive than ordianry ones. Where do you find organic food?

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    Organic shopping doesn't have to mean a higher total food bill. But you do have to be smart about the way you shop and may have to make some changes in your habits. Here's a few things I do:

    1. Organic tofu is much cheaper than meat and can be dressed up in 1000's of different ways.

    2. Bulk bins for dry goods saves approx. 60%.

    3. Fresh veggies and meats are generally cheaper that packaged foods.

    4. Buy fresh, inexpensive, and in season. Plan meals around what you get. Making a plan and sticking to it may force you to buy something at a peak price.

    5. Get to know more than 1 store in your area.

    6. Stock up on non-perishable sale items.

    7. Reduce waste. Don't make too much leftovers, eat them, or freeze them.

    8. Eat out less.

    9. Be willing to compromise. Sometimes organic milk is too expensive, so I'll buy hormone free milk instead.

    10. Many stores are now coming out with their generic brand packaged goods in organic.

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    The cheapest is to grow it yourself. Also farmers markets or community gardens. It can vary dramatically depending on where you live and market to market. If you want to spend some time you can price compare at your local markets.

    If you want to save money on your grocery bill and still be able to purchase organics then look to reduce waste. Plan a menu, make a shopping list after checking to see what you already have then stick to the list. You can save money by not purchasing as many convenience foods, shopping the ads and using what you have. I also shop the bulk bins and save a lot there, you can get pasta, flour, sugar, cereal, treats, nuts and a variety of other things at a great discount.

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    I agree with those who say "Grow your own". I grow my own veggies. Eating organic from store bought sources or a farmer's market is expensive. I have a family of five and I have tried everything. You have to decide what your priorities are, healthy food or extra spending money. If you plan on going organic you will not find a cheap way to do it unless you grow it yourself.

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    The best place to find cheap organic food is at farmer's markets and CSA (community supported agriculture) programs. With CSA programs, depending on the farm, you can go to the farm and pick your own fruits and vegetables, or have a box of whatever is in season delivered once a week to your house.

    Here are some resources to help you find local farms:





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    You could grow some or visit a health food store or market that has this product.

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    Grow your own.

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