how do i get Bearshare off my firefox?

ok so i downloaded Bearshare.. and then i decided i didnt want it anymore.. so a undownloaded it(removed it). but when i open my firefox page, its has the "search" option just like Google.. but instead of the "I'm feeling lucky" option, it has a stupid Bearshare search.. and i need it gone... any help is appretiated


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    In order to remove the BearShare Media Bar, you need to perform the following steps: -

    Click the start button and select Control Panel

    Select Add / Remove Programs

    Locate 'BearShare Media Bar' in the list and click it once to select it.

    Click the 'Remove' button

    Once it has uninstalled, you need to switch back your IE homepage.

    Open Internet Explorer

    Click Tools--> Internet Options

    Select the 'General' tab.

    Set the homepage to or similar.

    Under the 'Search' heading, click the 'Settings' button

    Click something else in the box such as 'Live Search' and click the 'Set Default' button.

    Select 'BearShare' and click 'Remove'

    Click 'OK' to close the window, and OK again to close the Options window.

    Open Firefox

    Select Tools--> Options

    Click the 'Main' tab.

    Enter the web address you want as your home page.

    Click 'OK'

    You now have the Media Bar removed.

    Should you install BearShare again, remove the tick from against the relevant option during the BearShare installation.

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    Go to tools / add ons in Firefox. just select Bearshare there and click un-install.

    Hope this helped :)

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    Do a search for 'all files and folders' - search for both "Company Name" such as: 'Adobe' and then "Program Name" or "version identifyier" such as: '7.0', with the options "Search system folders", "Search hidden files and folders" and "Search subfolders" checked. Delete all of those related files found. You should do this search and delete whenever you Uninstall any programs. It will remove lots and lots of leftover junk files and corrupted files taking up room on your hard drive. If you do so, you will find that "uninstalling a program" leaves lots of garbage behind... the same goes for Registry files. If nothing else, they take up hard drive space. You would be surprised how many garbage registry errors there are on your computer. They can mess up everything else by their presence. I would bet over 200! Search for OTHER program files that you have previously "uninstalled" Bet you find them! The more you search the more you will find! I went through the "Technical Uninstall" of McAfee (Several PAGES of very technical uninstall instructions, including some registry editing). Then I did a search for any leftover files, then installed Norton, several years later I installed Registry Mechanic, it found several of the old McAfee files!

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    dont know it sorry

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