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non-pk Ultima Online private shards?

Can someone recommend me a non-pk private shard for Ultima Online, that is really good?

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    I used to play Sonoma years ago, I don't know if its still used but it was the best shard.

  • 4 years ago

    I may disagree with you upon the notion that a Glass shard represents a (piece) of the poet's imagery. In my opinion, each shard is a Whole mirror, glass, or pane. It is a whole imagery at a given moment, reflecting a certain image or idea, while another shard is another whole imagery in the consecutive moment. In this case, the viewer's eye wouldn't feast by seeing the shards linked together in a mosaic ( static) form, but rather feast upon seeing those Panes rolling, one scene after another, in a moving (dynamic) form. The degree of transparency of each pane, or the cleanness of each mirror, reflects the genuineness of the poet. Simple words are more transparent and more effective than complex ones. Nice read, my friend! keep the lights on, as usual!

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