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Military Recruiters?

Can you really trust recruiters? Or are they all lairs like everyone says?

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    95% of them are trustworthy. Just remember 1 thing, there's absolutely NOTHING a recruiter can promise you. The only guy who can make a promise, and make it stick, is the classifier at MEPS. That's the guy who will write your contract and that's the only guy who can put a guarantee into the contract. Everything else is BS.

    Source(s): Retired Chief Petty Officer
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    A recruiters job is to get you in the military. Because of this, he might now tell the entire truth. Say you want to be a Admin Sergeant, he will tell you, you will work in an office, which is true, but he might just leave out that you go to the field just like everyone else and have to put up tents and might have to shower in the back of a 5 ton if there is no showers available. As a Driver he will tell you, you get to travel and see the world, but he might not tell you that you will also have to drive through iraq and go on many convoys. He might not lie, but he might tell the whole truth if it takes away from the glamour of getting you in.

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    Yes, you can trust recruiters. The majority of them are not liars because they don't want to throw away their careers over some bratty little kid who may or may not join and who could potentially discharge on them. If a recruiter is caught lying they are investigated and it Can result in a dishonorable discharge.

    That being said - they are also not going to lay every little detail out. YOU need to be aware and you need to ask questions. This is your future so be assertive. Make sure they answer all of your questions (regarding the military, not their personal lives). Also, if you feel like they are lying to you then ask another recruiter (in the same branch) the question and see what he/she says.

    Source(s): Marine recruiter's gf
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    You can, but you can't. The basic things are true, but when it comes down its going to be your own experience in the military, it's not like your going to somehow have the same one they did. Boot camp sucks, the military life isn't for everyone, but the Pride makes it worth the while, thats the important thing.

    P.S don't piss off your recruiters, or any recruiters. They have a hard job.

    Source(s): Former Marine
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    hell no you cant trust them. when they tell you things like you cant have a certain job because they don't have room in the school, its a load of crap of coarse they have room. hey, its the recruiters job to get you processed in the military, not to care about what job you get or anything else. to them you are just a bone,not a person with a personality, just another one they got in the military.they want to get you processed through fast so they tell you anything that they think you want to hear, they work for the military, not you. they pretty much just sell you on the good things like , oh you get to travel, and meets lots of people. if you want a real opinion about the military talk to some one else, the recruiters are only good for paperwork parts.

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