What some advice on Chuck E Cheese?

I was thinking of doing something different for me and my two boys to have fun. I thought taking them to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. Would have to drive at least an hour or so to get there. I seen on their site that they put number stamp on are hand to make sure we leaving together and something had happened. I want them to have a fun day. I want to set a small amount of rules for safety reason and want should they be. I want to have fun but I think small amount of rules like 2 or 3 would be good. Also I would talk to them about staying with mommy and if they don't see mommy want they need to do. What would be the best way to explain that to them. I want them to have fun. My youngest is having surgery getting his tonsils taken out. Trying to have a fun weekend for them both to spend family time. The ages of the children are 6 year old and a 4 year old. Thanks


Also I am expecting a baby has well. And I am single mom..

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    well first off CONGRATS on the baby to come.

    i always follow my kids around just to make sure that nothing happens and that they behave well. i will stay in the area that they are in and keep a watchful eye cuz well god only knows what kind of people other parents are. i had an incident at chuck E cheese where another parent got vocal with my son (he was 2 at the time) cuz he cut in front of her son not to play the game but to see what it was and i tell you that lady was getting vocal and pissed off i had to take my son out of that situation and told the lady to chill out he is only two and wanted to see the game. so that is why i stay with my kids or in the area at all times.

    i think a few rules would be a good idea. the one iuse are

    wait your turn at each game

    if you have to go potty let me know first

    if you cant find mommy go to the chuck e cheese stage and i will come and get you

    never ever ever go into the bathroom unless mommy is outside waiting for you ( im overly cautious cuz well who knows what could happen in there)

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    My daughter and I went to Chuck E Cheese last night!! :) The good news is that with the holiday weekend, when people are going out of town, camping, etc., it isn't so busy. :) That IS good news...because the place can be kind of a mad house. But remember, "mad house" to adults interprets to GREAT fun for the kids! :)

    My daughter is to be 5 in a month and a half. Chuck E Cheese is a very safe place - they stamp you as your going in, and so they can't leave or 'be taken out' by anyone but you because they check your hands for the stamps on the way out the door. But a few safety rules are a good idea. One of the cool things about Chuck E Cheese is that, with the safety measures in place of the numbered hands, you don't have to be on top of your kids the entire time you're there. But I definitely don't let her run wild!! I tell her, no running, I give her three tokens so she has to come back to get more when those are gone, so she's constantly checking in with me...and I still keep my eye on her.

    I talk to her about being patient and taking turns. And I still tell her not to talk to strangers. No running...just walk...and to be respectful and be sure not to knock into people...and to be careful because there are some two year olds running around and so they could hurt them.

    Also...it can be difficult to get them to leave without a fight. So I tell her, when the tokens are gone, it's time to get toys with the tickets you receive...you will want to take the tickets from them each time they return for more tokens so they don't drop or lose them. And I don't let her 'open' the toys until we're back in the car...so she is okay with leaving.

    OH...and as far as the drive...it's VERY easy to spend an hour and a half or more at Chuck E Cheese...between eating and playing games, it takes some time to do it all.

    There is also a tube playground in most of them that is free and takes even more time...so I think the travel time is fine. My rule is that I want to spend at least 1 1/2 the amount of time there that it takes to get there. With Chuck E Cheese, that will be NO problem! :)

    Have a great time!! :)

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  • Well, We go to Chuck e Cheese Regularly....I have a 7 and 5 year old. And we either make them stay together or someone typically plays with them. But Chuck E Cheese is a very safe place, yes they stamp you as your going in, and you can't get out w/out someone else. But just a few safety rules are okay. I don't think you "have to" be on top of your kids the entire time your there. We let our 2 go together, they get 2 tokens each and have to come back to get 2 more when those are gone, so they are constantly checking in.

    1. Being patient and waiting to take turns, some games do have lines.

    2. Staying with sibling or parent.

    3. No talking to strangers.

    4. No running around...just as much fun walking, and not knocking others down.

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    Well, they can't get out the door without you so I wouldn't worry about that. Every time I've taken the kids...I usually just stick with the youngest one to make sure that they are safe. At 6 & 4, your kids should know how to play without too much trouble. Just tell them that they both have to tell you where you can find them, between changing activities (like going from the games to the rides). And the hand stamps will wash off once they potty so consider telling the guy to put it somewhere else like higher up on their forearm.

    One thing to remember though....it's EXPENSIVE!!! Plan on exactly how much you can afford to spend, and only take that much money with you. It's easy to get caught up in playing the games to win tickets and realized that you spent $60 and all they got was a couple of cheap dollar store toys. You can buy any of the toys that they can "win" so call ahead to get price ranges. It will be cheaper in the long run and you won't feel pressured into keep buying tokens so that they can win tickets.

    And expect to wait a long time in line. With this being a weekend, it's going to be packed. You might want to go later on this evening instead of peak hours. After driving for an hour and then waiting in line for an hour...you're going to be ready for home before the fun even starts.

    Good luck and enjoy your day.

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    I used to take my son to Chuck E Cheese every year around his birthday. It was always SO busy no matter if I went during the week or the weekend. Yes they do stamp the hands so that you can not leave with someone else's child or the other way around. It was always great fun, they have a show and tons of games. I think it would be a great idea. I always told my son never to leave my side, if he wanted to go to another game to tell me and we would go. I pre-warned him AGAIN about the dangers of strangers and so on. He did fine. As long as your children listen to you and obey rules, which I am sure they do. All else fails you can tell them if they misbehave one time you will leave. :) Good luck and have fun!

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    Yes Chuck E. Cheese marks your hand with your child when you enter; you can't leave together without it either.

    I'm confused on your "Saftey Rules" since every Chuck E. Cheese has different games and such.

    If your afraid of how your kids would behave with other children, (who are sometimes completley unsupervised), save the party for your home after the boy has his tonsils out and is well enough to have a pizza party.

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    we take our kids to chuck e cheese all the time. we have one 20 minutes away. Your kids will have fun. It is not that big, so don't worry about them getting lost. There is a person standing at the door the whole time. And there are several servers working there if you need assistantce. Just tell them to stay close by you and play the games that you are playing, they also have a play gym to climb on with a slide.

    HAve fun!

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    Well first off they will have fun, but that is a long way for them to have fun...but ill leave that up to you. Chuck E Cheese or monkey joes or any of thos places are like a madhouse....we are the same with our daughters when it comes to staying with us.....However be prepared to be dumbfounded when you see everyone elses ( i wont say everyones) but alot of the kids running around bumping into your kids, you, and trying to pounce on tokens dropped on the floor...its fun but can be very annoying as well....good luck.

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    Go early as you can the three I know of in mid Mi. have problems latter in the evening.

    One more thing kind of rude but have you found out where they keep coming from, as having a dad around would help. I know it was rude ,sorry.

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