Please explain briefly of the US presidential process.?

I've never followed it, but lately we are getting lots of news updates about it on our tv here in Australia. I understand that Obama is up against Bush, but what does running mate mean?

Does that mean another senator who will buddy up with Obama to become the vice president?

Also when is the actual date that the new president is in office? Approximately if you don't know the exact date.

Do American's want a change???? Just interested.


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    There are a President and a Vice President.

    The one running for president picks a "running mate."

    If the guy running for president wins, his running mate will be the Vice President.

    Obama is NOT up against Bush. Bush can't run for President again. Obama's Party is trying to make everyone believe that he is running against Bush, but he is not. It is all a scam.

    Obama is running against a guy named John McCain.

    American's are going to get a change whether Obama is elected or not.

    Our Presidents here can only run two times. Bush has run for President twice and can not run again. So he is out and we will have a change if Obama or McCain is elected.

    The Democrats (Obama's Party) is trying to make people believe that if McCain is elected he will be just like Bush. It is all hype because their guy, Obama doesn't have any experience. All he has ever done is vote as a "member" of a party and never run anything such as a country, city or state. So they have to come up with something bad about the other side. So they are saying that McCain will be just like a different man, Bush.

    So this is the "change" they are talking about most. It is nothing other than changing the Party (we have Democrats and Republicans here) from Republican to Democrat. Democrats are liberal, support gay marriage, abortion and gun restriction. Republicans are conservatives and do not support gay marriages, gun control and abortion. Democrats want to tax and spend citizens money and Republicans want to have small government that doesn't take money from one side and give it to the other. What you earn is yours to keep.

    It will happen on January 20, 2009... it's called the Inauguration Day. That is when he takes office.

    We will vote for him November 4, 2008. So everyone will know who is going to be the new president before the end of the year.

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    A running mate has none of the connotations that "mate" means in Australia--instead it's like a counterbalance to "even" out the ticket.

    Obama too young and inexperienced? Biden is OLD and very experienced--he's been in politricks almost as long as Obama's been living. McCain too old and anti-women's rights---Palin is young AND a woman!!!

    And the only change Americans want is to go back to the 1950's, which they thought was a better time.

    And the president takes office January 20...

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    Running mate is the person the presidential candidate picks to run with him as the vice presidential candidate.

    The new president begins January 1 following the November election'

    Most Americans want a change even if they are voting for McCain. Usually we vote out the current party after giving them one or two terms.

    Unfortunately, we really need to vote out both of the old parties but people just continue to select the lesser of two evils.

    Democrats offer welfare

    Republicans offer warfare

    Democrats offer higher taxes

    Republicans offer deficit spending

    Libertarians offer none of the above



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    I think it's the same everywhere

    1. People get on the queue line

    2. They Vote

    3. They wait for the result

    4. They felt cheated but forced to accept the result :))

    The no. 4 happen always in me country, hopefully not in US.

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