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Izzy asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

I can't decide between putting my cat to sleep, or trying treatment.?

My 13 year old Persian was diagnosed today with Chronic Renal Failure. My vet says she isn't in pain, but probably is experiencing a general feeling of being unwell. I guess they've come to that conclusion because that's how a lot of humans with the same thing describe it.

I love my cat so much; I've had her since I was 6 years old. I just can't picture her not being around.

The vet told me about a treatment-- it's about 10 minutes, once a week (for the rest of her life)-- and it should get her appetite back and help out her kidneys. It wont FIX the problem, but if she responds to it, it could add anywhere from a week to a few years to her life. During that time, she still might have her ups and downs.

If I let her die naturally with time (medicated or not), she'll end up being in pain. However, if I choose to euthanize her, I'm so afraid that I'd be cutting her life short when she could have had a couple more years left.

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. I don't know what to do; I've never put a pet to sleep before, and I've never even had anyone close to me pass away. I'm devastated.

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    I hate putting animals to sleep. Its so sad, but the thing to understand is that she will not know when she has passed on. At least she will not be in any pain. People tend to hold on to sick animals for the happiness and benifit of the person, not the welfare of the animal. Its not much of a life for the poor little dear if she has to go to the vets all the time, feel sick all the time.

    I think the best thing to do is to let her go, its so sad, but its not going to be a great life for her, and when shes gone she wont feel pain, its just you that will feel the pain of this horrible loss.

    Please give to the mercy of your cat and not think of your own loss in this situation. Selflesnes is the best option. Its a horible thing, but I think its in the best interest of the cat.

    I realy feel for you in this situation, a situation I have been in many times, please make the correct decision by your cat.

    Im sorry for what you are going through, hope I have helped, Jane

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    It's a very tough decision to make, Kaiden, and my heart goes out to you. I've had cats all my life and I've been in your situation several times; it never gets easier. I dearly love my cats and having to put one to sleep is heartbreaking, but you have to think of it as relieving them of their misery. In your situation I believe I would let her live her life normally, or perhaps have the treatment done every two weeks to help prolong her life a bit. I say that mainly because I'm sure the treatments will not be cheap. She will get some relief from discomfort this way. But eventually she will have to be put out of her misery. And when that time comes say your goodbyes to her and give her your love, then let the vet take it from there; don't be with her when she is put to sleep. I held one cat I was very fond of in my arms as she passed on from being euthanized and it was the most heart wrenching thing I have ever experienced.

    Pets know that what you do for them is in their best interest and they love you unconditionally even when it hurts. You've given her a lifetime of love; assisting her to pass on peacefully will be a final act of love.

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    Is the treatment SubQ fluids? If so I'd definitely give it a try. I had a 19 year old cat with CRF and he actually did very well well with them - living six more months quite comfortably. But then the last cat with kidney disease didn't really respond at all to the treatments. I would try the fluids and if she doesn't respond to them then you really have to decide.

    If it isn't the fluids and is in-office dialysis (flushing of the kidneys) then I would try it once, see how she responds and then decide if you want to continue them. Sadly kidney disease isn't curable and cats can live for a short while with treatment but inevitably you lose them. I went through this with a four year old Persian I adopted last year who ended up having Polycystic Kidney Disease - an early onset form of the disease that can affect Persians and Exotics.

    Is your cat eating at all or are you having to force feed your cat? I had to force feed my Persian his last two weeks and it was horrible for both of us. It's so sad to see an animal so weak and having to try various foods and to have to syringe it in every few hours. The day I put him to sleep he was so weak he was falling over if he tried to walk and also crying out.

    You'll know when it's time. And know that letting go truly is the ultimate act of love you can give a sick pet. It was horrible to lose Spooky but I had peace in knowing I was the one able to free him from pain. Email me directly if you want to chat more about this. It's such a helpless feeling when you have a cat with kidney disease. Also know that having it show about around 13 in a cat of any breed (or no particular breed) is quite normal. I've lost two other cats over the years to CRF right at that age. ((((HUG)))))

    Edit: JWR - you've obviously never had a cat with kidney disease. How about looking up the word compassion and using a bit of it with this person instead of your hurtful comments?

    Source(s): Spooky, the Persian I lost last year to PKD.
  • Laurie
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    If the vet says that she is not in pain, why not try the treatments. You will know when and if they stop working. She can have perhaps another 2 years of an enjoyable life. Just watch her and you will know what needs to be done at a later date. Best wishes.

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    You are in a difficult place. I am so sorry for you and for your cat. I don't believe that you must make a decision right away. Why don't you just baby her and love her for a bit longer and make sure you are carefully watching for any signs of pain from her. At that point you can make a decision. In the meantime, you should take some videos of her, and prepare yourself for her eventual passing. Check out this link www.irememberlove.com it is about a dog, but, people who love their pets are universal.

    My thoughts are with you.

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    I understand how you feel. I had a cat with throat cancer back in march that I just thought was a bad hairball. We had to put him down and I still miss him.

    But really, what I would ask myself if I was in your position is about the cost of the treatment. Is the cost really worth only one more week? Do you want to put your cat through the sickness [even if it is just generally unwell], for up to two more years? You have had the cat for a long time, which is a blessing, and of course makes it just that much harder to put her down. I understand that this is a terribly difficult situation, but it might actually help to make a list of pros and cons and see which list you feel carries more weight.

    Or find out if there is there some alternative way to fix her, such as a change in diet or some other sort of alternative medicine [you can probably find some information online.] I know there are a few vets who deal in alternative medicine for animals [herbal treatments and the like], sometimes however these can run just as, if not more expensive than the normal vet's bills. It's still something you might want to consider.

    I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck, and your kitty the best of health. Blessings! :)

    Source(s): Cat owner and student of homeopathy [for humans, but the same basic concepts apply]
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    If she isn't in pain then I would do treatment.She might be feeling unwell but it's not pain.Try the treatment first.It's not easy when you have to see someone pass away.I am so sorry about this.

  • JWR
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    My advice is only euthanize her if she is in pain and there is NO treatment option available. Trust me, if you put her to sleep otherwise, you will hate yourself afterward.

    And by the way, a 10 minute treatment once per week doesn't sound like it's all that big of a problem. Don't you think she deserves that much from you for all the love and companionship she's given you for 13 years?

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    Do the absolute best you can for your dear cat. You will never forgive yourself if you don't do everything you can. I've just lost one of my darlings to cardiomyeopathy and I feel rotten because if I'd been more observant I might still have had her for lots more years.

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    Go for the treament !! (is it the fluids treatment ??)

    I know a cat that has been having this treatment for 5yrs and is still going strong (she was almost dead when she started it) ....infact she is doing so well now that she doesnt need have the treatment weekly anymore

    She is also on tablets.

    Honestly please try it xxxx

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