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How can I install and use Speech Recognition on XP for Microsoft Office 2007?

I want to install and use Speech Recognition on my computer, so that I can talk to Office 2007 and it will type in what I am saying, using windows XP. I used to do it with Office 2003 but I don't know how to do it with 2007. Please Help! Thank You.

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    First be sure that you installed it with your office 2007 cause many times people do not make complete installation they do just basic install so plug-ins for speech recognition are not installed. When they are installed ( Complete installation ) you should access and activate it in control panel then else you know as is with office 2003.

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    In nearby Settings make sensible you chosen the proper Korean language. comparable to English, chinese, etc. there are different version you are able to opt for, even with the actual incontrovertible truth that maximum are merely the format, some are different characters. If that do not artwork, then merely use Notepad then in case you want it in MSW merely reproduction and paste. -Nomix

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