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Match clothes? easy best answer for you pros :)?

I have a LITTLE idea on how to match clothes, but is anyone here a pro? what colours go together, what styles go with each other, what NOT to wear together...anything really.

thanks in advance :) <3

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are not likely to be unique in school with your wardrobe, because many girls have the same shirts, skirts or slacks. To make yourself stand out, accessorize your clothes, and accessorize them to make them look different than other girls.

    + Make sure you buy the coolest outfits and the "in" styles.

    + Don't buy your pants baggy. You want them tight but don't make them SO tight that it looks like you have outgrown your pants and you're just being cheap.

    + Have all different colors. Don't have 17 pink shirts and no blue ones. + Switch it up have lots of different colors. Nothing's worse then when you see a girl that always wears a lot of one color. People get confused and may think you are wearing the same shirt over and over again then people will just think you're disgusting!

    + Layer your shirts. It's cool to wear a tee shirt and a tank under, but don't go too crazy that you're wearing 15 shirts. Also, you don't want to make it that you look chubby, you want to look like you have layers but you don't want to look fat.

    + Accessorize have a cute belt and necklace earrings or a bracelet. DO NOT have a too much of it or you will look like you're overdoing it and it'll look crazy.

    + Have a cute hairstyle because it flatters your outfits! Don't do your hair the same or people will just talk about how your hair is always the same and they won't even look at your cute outfits.

    + SHOES !!!!!! Always have cute shoes because it makes your outfits 100% cuter.If you have old dirty sneakers it makes you look gross. Have all different kinds of shoes and ALWAYS keep them clean.

    + If you see a new thing the clothing store GET IT !! You could start a whole new trend in your school. But if you wear it once or twice and notice nobody else is wearing it yet, WAIT.The style will come sooner or later and then you'll already have the outfit and won't have to go out and buy it again. Make sure that you don't go so crazy on the shirt and buy a million, people might think it's weird if you are wearing the same style shirt everyday. So, look around and find five different cute trendsetter shirts!

    + Do not wear the same outfit a lot! Mix and match stuff so it look like a new outfit every time! If you wear the same thing a lot it starts to get boring and nobody will care about what you are wearing.

    + Look Confident -- don't slouch or look sad not matter if you hate your outfit that day or not . Looking confident makes any outfit look good because it shows you're happy about what you're wearing and you don't care what people think . When you do this it makes people not wan't to talk bad about you because you don't care .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I'm no pro (: But, uh, my style can't be that bad.

    I prefer more loose t-shirts, idky but it looks more proper than tight ones and looks better with anything you throw on.

    Also, I really like to wear neutral colors (Oh and neutral colors NEVER go wrong together!), but adding at least a little color to it, but not too much, just like maybe add a ring with a bright color and/or a skinny belt that's bright, earrings, bracelets, etc.

    Sometimes if you're matching too much... it just looks ugly, so don't overdue it. For example, it realllly annoys me when I see people wearing a bright pink chunky bracelet, with bright pink bead necklaces, bright pink shoes, and like a funky graphic tee.

    OH, I love patterns, except you may have to be careful when wearing more than one pattern at a time, it might look a little too gaudy.

    Uhhh I feel like I typed too much? But ALWAYS remember to add some YOU in the outfit (;

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thats a little hard to answere seeing as there are SOO many trends! it also depends on your style if your "emo" then bright flashy colors like neon pink, yellow green, ect.

    but if your more girly then pinks, purples, blues, greens; pretty much all colors depending on what you wear them with.

    what not to wear would be baggy tee shirts!! dont cover up save those tee's for bed time or the gym! and this is hard too, some things look good on some bodies and some dont! it depends on what your bodie shap is to determin whats not right for you to wear! if your larger dont wear sking tight shirts!!! instead wear a cute baby doll that covers your tummy. if your skinny dont wear big baggy clothes it will only make you look skinnier.

    so just go with what you think looks good. it all depends on what color, body shape and style you have. good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    if its bright and hurts your eyes, its an immediate no no.

    i.e bright green and red. You'll end up looking like a giant christmas tree gone wrong.

    they say black goes with everything...

    but in my opinion not if its yellow or orange. cause it just looks either bumble bee or halloween to me.

    If you have trouble matching, just go with basic colors first like blacks and whites, neutral tones. Blue/white/black always works. Jeans pretty much go with any color really as long as you don't have too much going on. For now, just stick to two tones, and later when you get the hang of it, move on to trying three colors.

    For style, just do one style. Don't mix and match if you're not sure what looks good with what. For now simple outfits are good. like jeans and a shirt. You know casual outfits like those you would see at american eagle. You can usually start getting ideas on how to match by looking at alot of magazines and fashion shows and even just window shopping.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pink and Green

    Black and White.

    Brown and White

    Or just mix up some fun colors [:

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  • najar
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    definetly attempt aeopostale, american eagle, abercrombie, hollister, macys, jcpenny, forever 21, armani exchange, kmart, moist seal, charlotte russe, warm subject count,and kohls. those are all somewhat reliable places to save for photograph tees, if u have a funds, circulate to each and each internet site and leaf by using their clearance. wish i helped!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pink & Brown

    Red & Black

    Black & White

    Brown & Blue

    Yellow & Black

    I could go on forever ;)))

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  • ERIK
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    well i know more in mens fashion, but;;

    what exactly do you want to know though?..

    if u want random colors that match umm

    dark blue white & gray

    sky blue & white

    purple & black

    white & black

    black goes anything but do not wear aot of it

    it does not look right in a girl..

    i really dont understand exactly wat it is u want so this is the best i can do srry

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