Question about Chex Systems and Fraud?

I recently tried to open a bank account at US Bank, and they wouldn't open me an account because of fraud on my Chex Systems. I have no idea what it was, so I order my report for and I don't see anything about Fraud. Does anyone know what it could possibly be or mean?


The only bad thing I have on there is that I owe an old bank 400$. They have second chance banking though, so they didn't even look at that. They just told me there is some kind of fraud on there.

Update 2:

I tried WAMU in March, and they wouldn't give me one either.

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  • Mary A
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    1 decade ago
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    WAMU is the worse bank to try. They run random checks with chexsystems and will freeze and close your account. They also use EWS.

    Fraud means anything that the reporting bank wants it to mean. It is a vague indicator that the banks use, (NSF, account abuse, fraud etc) More and more banks are now using fraud.

    Normally US bank will open accounts for those reported to chexsystems ( at certain branches) but if fraud is indicated on the report, they will not. You may want to file a dispute with both chexsystems and the reporting bank

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    basically if youve ever written a bad check or bounced an account you get blacklisted. Try wamu, they dont check. I had to go thru them.

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