Why is my iChat acting weird?

i added a buddy and on the list of buddies on the main ichat screen, his name is greenish and flashes, then goes away

plz help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This has happened to me and I read and did this.


  • pattee
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    4 years ago

    After seeing a previous answer, i realized that some each and absolutely everyone is genuinely no help and at maximum perfect, are merely insulting. i'm curious what precise operating equipment you're operating yet i'm assuming this is Snow Leopard. if so, this can be an uncomplicated and inexpensive fix. At this factor, again it up on an exterior demanding-rigidity (your images, music, etc). in case you do not have one, purchase one. they are no longer that prime priced. After this, i might want to reinstall the operating equipment. hopefully this guy gave you the disk. If no longer, purchase one at Bestbuy. they are 30 money or so there. even if, if this is an older version of OS-X, then you definitely might want to might want to purchase it on-line and the older variations are extra severe priced. i will provide you the history of the price enormous difference yet it truly is slightly complicated. The Snow Leopard OS (it makes use of Intel's I sequence CPU's) is a ripoff of FreeBSD's very good operating equipment. in a roundabout way, Apple screwed it up so this is apt to degrade over the years. Message me in case you want added help and that i will do what i will.

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