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How do i save a file to my flash drive?

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i have microsoft work processer my computer is xp windows
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When you plug your Flash drive into the USB port, it should pop up a notice asking how you should handle the new device - the action you want to choose is "Open a Folder". Otherwise, the flash drive should show up as a "Removable Drive" under "My Computer".

Once you have opened a folder or opened a window to look at the drive, you can drag files from your My Documents folder to the flash drive, and drop them there - this will copy the files to the flash drive.

Do not "Save" files directly from Word to the flash drive - save them in My Documents first, then manually transfer them to the drive.

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thank you for your help
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  • Lawrence answered 7 years ago
    Well when you put it into XP, your computer should recognize it and install the apporiate drivers. Then when you go to My COmputer, it should show up there, and you should be able to double click your flash drive icon and just drag and drop the file onto the drive. Then when you are done, at the bottom right make sure you safely disconnect the flash drive, there should be an icon, or you can just safely disconnect it from the my computer panel. Hope that helps!
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  • Vickeyy answered 7 years ago
    well if the file is in microsoft word
    go to save as and u go to my computer that is on
    the side and you put removable disk or USB drive
    what ever it says there [ its the last one] and you name
    the document and you just press save

    if its a file like a picture or something i think you can right click
    the file and theres an option "send to" you go there and click removable disk and it should show up

    hope i helped :)
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  • aquielisunari answered 7 years ago
    I assume when you save it save it to whatever letter your flash-drive is given
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  • how do i save a file to my flash drive?
    i have microsoft work processer my computer is xp windows
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