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HELP?! question about Hydrogen???

In Chemistry Class the teacher said that the element Hydrogen is so reactive to oxygen that if oxygen comes in contact with it, the hydrogen with burst into flames. If thats true then how can hydrogen bond with oxygen to create H20???

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    Hydrogen and Oxygen Reaction in Nature

    Question - How does hydrogen and oxygen join to make water in

    nature? What makes them come together?



    Imagine a ball sitting on one of the upper steps of a staircase.

    Left alone, the ball could sit on this upper step for quite a while,

    but given a little nudge and the ball could roll/bounce down the

    steps until it rests at a much lower step if not the lowest step. We

    then say that the ball at the higher step has a higher potential

    energy (it has a greater chance of doing things) then the ball at

    the lower step, and definitely more potential energy than a ball

    that is sitting on the lowest step. I asked you to imagine this

    because in a way atoms, elements, and compounds are just like the

    ball. Some atoms/compounds have a high potential energy, and

    although they may sit at that position for a while, given a little

    energy and they soon react (fall off the step) and go to a much

    lower energy state. So it is, that we find that hydrogen (either as

    an atom or a molecule) is a high energy substance. Oxygen is too. So

    given a little energy, the hydrogen and the oxygen would react with

    each other to form a more stable, less energetic compound such as water.

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