Okay so i've dance atleast 17 hrs this wk...2nite was en pointe and had partnering class...2 of my hardest classes. We did a ton of bar work...and lifts...and for some reason my ribs hrt so bad. It hurts to laugh..or move. But the big problem is i got 4 hr nutcrackr rehersals tomorrow and the way i feel now i dont think i've gunna b able to get out of bed!!! PLZ tips.

Btw...i dont usually get sore i've been dancing since 4...and these extreme hours atleast for the last 2 years. ANd my ribs have rarly what can i do to make it bttr by 2morro!!??? THanks = )

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    I think whats hurting you is your abs that surround your ribs. These get sore, especially if you are doing certain excercises correctly.( My best friend is going through that right now lol) Try to cut your schedule down a little, or spread it out on more days of the week. You cant do much about the pain except take a pain reliever and do the hot/cold thing. Make sure you get plenty of rest tonight and Good luck!

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    If you're doing a lot of partnering and lifts, that may very well be the cause of your ribs hurting. Or it could just be all the stretching and bending in different directions. Sometimes you can overdo it as a dancer no matter how many years of experience you have.

    The best thing you can do right now is just rest. But keep your muscles warm as well. Don't rest so much that you're all stiff and can't move at all. As a dancer, you need to know that you're going to get stronger and better through pain. It sounds like the pain you're having is something that will make you a better dancer in the long run. Keep with it. Maybe take a bit of advil, tylenol, or ibuprofen before your rehearsals to ease a little of the pain. That's okay to do. Make sure you stretch!

    Good luck to you!

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    About the soreness, maybe you were using incorrect technique on something, or maybe your teacher was just really pushing you in partnering class.

    I suggest a hot bath, maybe some icing. Try falling asleep with a heat pad. And try to stretch your sides before rehearsal.

    Just one thing: It's not even September and you already have 4 hour rehearsals! God. I don't start rehearsals until the first week of October. You must be good.

    Be sure to tell us what role you get. :)

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    i really dont think there is anything you can do except cut down your schedule. i used to be the exact same way. except i had dance, softball, cheer leading, and volley ball. after a while of it, you might just need a break from it for a lil bit... i know how you feel... i cant tell you how many times i have wished it could just get better over night. you are just over stimulating yourself.

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    yea. thats nothing by the time you get really good. but that hapens to me sooo much. i just take a hot bath for about and hour with bubbles then i find ice and cold water and take a bath in that for like ten minutes. then i take another hot bath. and get a heat pack and fall asleep.

    i hope it works for you :)

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    wrap those icy hot pack thingy & just take it easy for a while. I don't know if it'll go away by tomorrow, but i'm sure it'll help a LITTLE

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