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Do the computers at your school have Windows XP or Windows Vista on them?

If it is Windows XP what theme is used? blue, silver, olive


What are the backgrounds too?

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    When I was in High School they used Windows XP, some classrooms had used the Default Blue Theme and had a blue background, other classrooms used the Silver Theme and had a purple background.

    My little brother told me the computers are still Windows XP and that the new computers had come with Vista but were downgraded by the school's IT Technician.

    Students logged in with their Student ID using some software called Novell Clients.

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    Windows XP

    Blue theme

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    Windows Xp but some Smart really smart tranfer students from Hong Kong changed them to Vista and like hacked and put world of warcraft, starcraft, halo, etc on them lol

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    XP - Blue

    No school will ever go to Vista due to it's issues and incompatibility.

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