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if you use soap made with hemp oil, can you test positive for thc?


you guys are actually all wrong. there are trace amounts of thc in all cannabis plants, male or female. although much smaller in male hemp plants. i was just wondering if this small amount would make me test positive, as some tests are very sensitive. but since most of you say hemp has no thc, i guess you guys wouldnt know.

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    As a board member of the Hemp Industries Association, I feel that I am qualifies to answer this question for you.

    No, you cannot test positive for THC if you use soap made from "Hemp Oil".

    To be classified legally as Industrial Hemp, the plant can contain no more than 3 tenths of 1% delta 9 THC (that's like having a stack of 10,000 pennies and only 30 of them are shiny and new).

    The seeds of the hemp plant do not contain ANY amount of this compound. However, trace amounts are picked up on the hulls of the seeds during harvest as the seeds come into contact with the rest of the plant. Subsequently, some of that trace THC will make it into the oil. But not to worry, the seeds are very carefully cleaned to further reduce any THC left on the hulls, and that is done before pressing into oil..

    Being male or female has nothing to do with the THC levels of the plant. Any cannabis plant containing more than 3 tenths of 1% THC, is considered marijuana.

    I hope that this qualifies as a respectable and thorough answer to your question.

    For more info on hemp, please see the referenced sites below.

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    Hemp Oil In Soap

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    Wow that stange. Hemp does have THC. But in extemely small ammounts (I belive that its less that 1% but not totally sure on the percetage). Also, what hemp loation were you using most are THC free. But no I have never tested postivie from using a hemp product.

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    I use hemp soap and I looked on the dr bronners website and I remember it saying .03 or .3 percent. Not sure which one but somewhere around there. Cause I use their hemp soaps. But as for testing positive I'm sure it depends on the sensitivity of the drug test. But I would guess probably positive especially if it was a hair test or something.

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    Absolutely not! THC is found in the buds of one strain of cannabis. Hemp oil is pressed from the seeds of industrial hemp, which does not contain THC (delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol) Soap made from hemp oil, as well as hempseed oil available in stores for cooking does not contain any of the good stuff. The feds would not allow its sale if it were. If there were any THC contained in seeds, potheads wouldn't go through all the trouble removing them before smoking.

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    Hemp is NOT marijuana. Hemp contains a very small amount of THC. Its nearly impossible to even get high off of

    Source(s): the pro-hemp guy at the PA farm show
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    No. Different form of the substance. Would take gallons on your skin to absorb enough to test positive

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    No. It doesn't contain THC- if it did they couldn't sell it cuz everyone would be smoking it.

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    No you shouldn't.

    It is just like tanning oil.

    You can use as much as u want,

    and u won't show positive.


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    Read my 12th commandment

    Source(s): I'm not picking on you, but you do ask some stupid questions ! ! !
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