What is "mutual Friends" on Facebook and how do I get that...cuz I have loads of friends on facebook ?

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    Mutual Friends is just a thing that tells you how many and what friends you have in common with someone else. If you both don't have one friend in common, then it'll say: "You have no mutual friends." And you don't get it. It's already part of the application. Mutual Friends can be used to help make sure your making friends with the right person 'cause many people share the same name. If you share a mutual friend, then mostly likely that's the person your looking for.

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    Mutual Friend

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    Mutual friends are common friends with a person!!!! if u added a person on facebook, and if he/she has a friend that u have too then u will have a mutual, common , friend between u and the person.

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    mutual Friends Friends of Friends of Friends thats about all i know

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    Is been 27 years my Friends from The veronicas or my family

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    A lot of insightful answers here

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    Finally, that's what I was searching for! Thanks op of this question.

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