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What is the difference between a trumpet and a cornet?

I have no clue...

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    There are many differences between the instruments though most brass players often treat them as more or less the same instrument. The biggest difference is the internal bore-profile. Trumpets have what is called a cylindrical bore profile. A cylindrical bore is a bore in which the sides of the tubing, excepting in the bell and lead pipe, are parallel to each other. This produces an instrument high in resistance with a bright piercing tone with a great ability to cut through the sound of other instruments with a powerful sound and in comparison to the cornet has the poorest easy of flexibility. However the trumpet has the greatest ease in executing upper register notes and accents (accents are sharply tongued notes). The cornet is a hybrid cylindrical/conical instrument that combines the mellow blending tone and flexibility of a flugelhorn (a flugelhorn is a fully conical soprano saxhorn) with the ease of high register production of a trumpet making it a superior instrument to the trumpet in most situations. Ironically enough many have abandon the cornet for the trumpet with a few hold outs in the British Brass Band scene where they have to perform some of the world’s most advance music. Even more ironic is in the United States the cornet is considered a strictly beginner horn that should be replaced by the trumpet after the student shows promise even though some of the world’s most gifted brass players prefer the functionality of the cornet over the trumpet. Most composers use the trumpet as a fanfare and accenting instrument and use the cornet as the melody instrument in most non – U.S. music however in the U.S. the trumpet takes both roles as the cornet is rarely used in professional music.

    Typical Trumpet Use

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    Typical Cornet Use

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    The trumpet and cornet are basically the same instrument. The bores are different. The trumpet bore (inside) is smaller than the cornet. The cornet is wound shorter and taller than the trumpet. This gives the cornet a sweeter and more mellow sound than the trumpet. The trumpet's sound is more strident. There is No difference in the length of the tubes of the horns. So they are the same keys. So the answer to your question can a trumpet player play a cornet, the answer is yes. With no further instruction. It is really about the sound differences that the two make.

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    i am a trumpet player and i'll tell you first off that it has nothing to do with arm length. you do not need long arms to play the trumpet or the cornet. Yes it is smaller but that doesn't make a difference with arm length. The difference is between the arrangement of tubing. the trumpets tubing is straighter and less curvier than the cornet.They both have the same range of notes but as far as tone, a cornet is more gentle than that of a trumpet.

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    Coronet is smaller and higher in pitch usually used for marching band

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